Wed, January 28th, 2015

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A lot of you often ask me what do these blogger trips look like, what do we do when we are travelling with a brand and I decided to make a whole video presenting you with how one day in Amsterdam looked. I went with a brand I am very fond of- SuperTrash for their show which took place in the Central Station, amazing and unique location. There are so many pieces I am lusting over right now, and I am sure you will think the same. I will shoot the whole look for you this week probably so you can see better what I wore, but in the meanwhile hope you enjoy the video :)

Mnogi od vas su me pitali kako izgledaju ova putovanja kada sa odredjenim brendom idemo povodom posla. Zato sam odlucila da napravim mali vlog u kom cete videti tacno kako je izgledao moj dan u Amsterdamu. Isla sam sa SuperTrash-om kompanijom cije kreacije mnogo volim, zbog njihove modne revije koja je odrzana na Centralnoj Stanici, neverovatnoj lokaciji za reviju. Ima toliko komada koje zelim da nosim odmah, a mislim da cete se i vi sloziti. Ono sto sam nosila na reviju cu slikati za blog najverovatnije ove nedelje, u medjuvremenu nadam se da vam se dopada video :)

Tue, January 27th, 2015

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Hey lovelies, back with another post today. Since I happen to travel a lot lately, I have noticed you particularly love seeing photos of my travel outfits. As this is usually a pretty hectic few moments, checking in and going through the security, then making it on time, I rarely get a chance to shoot what I am travelling in, but here you can see a little mix of my instagram travel looks and links to where to shop them. If you would like to see more of these, let me know and I will make sure to make it a regular thing. Enjoy!

Cao dragi moji, danas sam tu sa jos jednim postom. Posto u poslednje vreme mnogo putujem, primetila sam da vam se posebno dopada kada postavim kombinacije sa aerodroma. Posto je ceo taj proces prilicno uzurban, stizanje na aerodrom, check in, onda prolazak kroz skenere, retko kada stignem i da uslikam outfit foto aparatom ali zato sam htela da vam grupisem sve instagram postove travel outfit-a i linkove stvari koje sam tada nosila ovde. Ako zelite da vidite vise ovakvih postova i da slikam vise travel kombinacija ostavite komentar ispod. Nadam se da ce vam se dopasti!

Mon, January 26th, 2015


Procrastination. Bad habit that we all carry around, something that stops us from doing what we always wanted to do, or something that makes us feel bad. As the fashion week season is approaching, I have a lot of work to do, emails to send, meetings to schedule and it all just seems a little bit too much. You know it reminds me of being a student, when I would rather do anything but sit down and work on the project. We always rather do anything but that one thing we really have to do.

Funny how I know that some of you will be procrastinating while reading this post. I mean you might have homework or an exam to study for yet you will be here just for a quick read, as there is aways something else we need to do before that dreaded task, for that reason I will make it short and simple. Truth is that we would be much happier and would sleep better if we would dig into those tasks as soon as they pop into our mind. Currently I have 2 suitcases full of summer and winter clothes behind me that are waiting to be unpacked but somehow I am writing this post, well that is prioritising not procrastination, but as soon as I am done with writing this post, I am gonna get onto those suitcases, by using some of my own tips (for once haha)


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