Tue, October 21st, 2014


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Todays post is just a special new in edition. I haven’t done this in a while, and when the postman knocked on my door this morning, I thought I just had to share this Valentino beauty with you guys! It was a huge surprise and absolutely unexpected for a 4 year blogoversary (blog anniversary :D). I wanted this item for a very long time, and had various dilemmas about the right colour, a bright red, light blue or this taupe, at the end it wasn’t my decision, but the colour couldn’t be better. I really needed this colour in my wardrobe, and it will be perfect for whole year around. Hope you like it, and don’t forget to let me know which bags are on your radar lately? And what type of bags are you into in general, small, big, shoulder or totes? I am surprising myself with how much I am into smaller shoulder bags lately, they are so convenient, and I don’t overpack like crazy, my shoulder is grateful too :)

Danasnji post je jedan od onih New In postova. Nisam ih radila duzi period i kada je postar pokucao na vrata ovog jutra, jedva sam docekala da vam pokazem ovu Valentino lepoticu! Bilo je to veliko iznenadjenje, povodom proslave 4 godine blogovanja. Zelela sam ovu stvar vec dugo dugo i imala razne dileme povodom boje, da li svetlo plavu, da li crvenu ili mozda bez, ali na kraju je odluka bila prava iako je nisam ja donela. Zaista mi je ovako esto nedostajalo i mislim da ce se fenomenalno uklopiti u ostatak stvari koje imam. Nadam se da vam se dopada i obavezno mi recite koje torbe se vama dopadaju u poslednje vreme? Da li vise volite velike, male, pismo ili one sto idu na rame? Ja sam sama sebe iznenadila koliko sam zaljubljena u manje torbe, jer ih ne mogu pretrpati raznim glupostima. Moje rame je takodje zahvalno! :)

Mon, October 20th, 2014


Photo-Victoria Metaxas

London in autumn might be my favourite place on Earth, and not just because of that pretty golden hour that looks magical through the leaves in parks. If you go for a walk in one of my favourite parts of the city-Mayfair, you can see that everything fits into one story, warm colours of the buildings perfectly compliment those of the ones we get to see in autumn. Mayfair is in general place I love to spend my time around, and in this post I will be telling you about the newest resident, Bally boutique, that will be opening the doors to their new flagship in Mayfair on 22nd of October. Its not a secret that I have a huge affinity for the luxurious Swiss brand, and specially since they are known for the quality of accessories, shoes and bags which we all know I am highly addicted to! The new flagship store was designed by David Chipperfield Architects and is already getting a lot of hype in media prior to the grand opening. #BallyMayfairWelcome post is here today to welcome the new flagship store in the neighbourhood just like the other businesses around the area did using the hashtag on social media. For my visit to Mayfair I wore a beautiful calf leather skirt, a gorgeous piece that lasts forever, as well as the pointy shoes with a chunky heel which I think are a must have for autumn. This skirt can be styled so many different ways, and besides what you can see today I would also wear it with a turtleneck cropped chunky jumper and ankle boots maybe for a colder day. Let me know what you think about it, and how would you wear it?

London je na jesen moje omiljeno mesto na svetu i to ne samo zbog divnih boja zrakova sunca koji se probijaju kroz neopalo lisce na drvecu. Ukoliko se prosetate po jednom od mojih omiljenih delova grada- Mayfair-u, moci cete da vidite kako se sve spaja u jednu pricu, tople boje zgrada savrseno idu uz jesenje tonove. Mayfair je generalno naselje u kom zaista volim da provodim vreme i u ovom postu cu vam ispricati o tome ko se skoro doselio bas tamo. Modna kuca Bally ce otvoriti vrata svog najnovijeg butika upravo u ovom delu grada 22.10. Nije tajna da me ova luksuzna Svajcarska modna kuca zaista privlaci, pre svega jer su poznati po visokom kvalitetu cipela i torba za kojima sam ja luda. Cinjenica da su se David Chipperfield Architects pobrinuli za izgled butika dobila je veliku famu u medijima i sada svi nestrpljivo ocekuju veliki dan. Klikom na hashtag #BallyMayfairWelcome na scim drustvenim mrezama mozete videti kako su mnogi pozeleli dobrodoslicu ovom velikom Svajcarskom brendu. Za moju posetu Mayfair-u obukla sam koznu usku suknju koja je zaista vecan komad i spicaste salonke sa debelom stiklom, jer smatram da je taj model apsolutno neophodan za ovu sezonu. Suknju bih takodje nosila na mnogo nacina, te u novembru mozda uz cizme do clanka i dzemper sa rol kragnom. Kako vam se cini kombinacija i uz sta biste vi nosili ovu suknju?

Sun, October 19th, 2014

PicMonkey Collage

For the fourth blog anniversary I have picked a pretty special post for all of you. Get ready to find out a lot about me and to just read as I am opening my heart to you. As the title says I will be talking about my personal style evolution. When it comes to trends they are a little bit like relationships. Don’t pretend that you never thought “Oh was I ever really with that person? It seems so unreal!?” Thats exactly how it is with trends too. When we wore round shoes we despised the pointy ones, and when the orange,red and pink became wearable together a lot of people were in such a shock that they accused everyone of fashion crime. Looking back at photos from few years back or even worse those from high school all of us wonder “What was I thinking?”. The thing is that it actually looked pretty cool at the time! Like my dads flared trousers and my mums hairstyle from 70ies. I am pretty sure they were cool kids even though I can help it but laugh out loud looking at their photos from those days. As a huge Britney fan, I sometimes think how she feels about her all denim look from 2001. Not only do trends constantly change, but if you are in your teens or twenties you are about to go through whole identity crisis and wonder about until you find what your style really is. I was always honest about my style, it totally depends on my mood, but its feminine, and I always loved, no matter what I wear to add a luxury bag or pair of shoes, as those are the pieces I like to invest in.
Blog is somehow a digital photo album with all the dates and progress of my personal style, its incredible to see what was trendy and cool only 3 years ago, and that the same thing gives me goose bumps right now. Like wearing a matching belt and a bag, I remember being in 4th year of university when all of my friends sported Gucci bags with matching belts, some of them even ballerinas. It sounds so cringe now, but it was THE way to accessorize. Lately anything goes and there is no rule which states not to wear. Clothes became a lot loser than it used to be, colours can be mixed, light and thick materials are the thing, and floral with polka dot totally in. Like Alexander McQueen said “Its a new era in fashion- there are no rules”.

As its been 4 years since I did my first outfit post on the blog and a lot of it has happened to me in that time I decided to make a whole post dedicated to not taking myself seriously and to show you how my style has evolved. From being a student to working 9-6 in a serious company, to now being a full time fashion blogger that lives, breaths and consumes fashion in completely different proportions than ever before. I love checking out my old photos, it shows me that even though I always feel like there is no progress and that I am always the same, that I wear the same stuff it proves me that that cannot be more incorrect. In fact my style has evolved a lot even in 2 years only. I wouldn’t say changed, as my style has always been feminine, with a touch of colour and trend and that has remained the same since the beginning of the blog. My style evolved with the trends, as I learned how to mix pieces better, and I learned a lot about myself. I don’t know if its all about the years that I am in, you know 20ies are known for finding your identity, for getting to know what you love, and we all get to change looks, hair styles,eye brow shapes, people we hang out with, universities, decisions and many other things, so it might be all about the era I am in, but I suggest you relax, take a cup of coffee or tea and have a good laugh with me about how my style has changed, but also to think about your own one? What did you wear 4 years ago? Isn’t it amazing that we often thing how 1-2 years is nothing, but how much can change in that time, even if its something so superficial like the way we look? I love that and I am so happy to be able to celebrate this huge milestone with you guys. I hope you like this post, and let me know if you would like more of posts like this , as I am planning to do mini series on Mondays, where I talk to you about different person things. Really excited to hear what you think about my style evolution, and of course to hear about how you changed in the last 3-5 years.
I would also like to tag all of my fellow bloggers to do a My Style Evolution post because I think its amazing to look back at how much has changed. Also don’t forget that you can see every single look of mine from last 4 years if you click on section Looks!


Kao specijalni post povodom cetvrte godine od kako blogujem odlucila sam da vam napisem nesto drugacije. Spremite se da saznate neke nove stvari o meni i da vam otvoreno kazem sta mislim o odredjenim temama. Kao sto naslov kaze, pricacu o tome kako je evoluirao moj stil. Kada su u pitanju trendovi, rekla bih da su pomalo kao ljubavne veze. Nemojte se pretvarati da nikada niste pomislili “Zar sam zaista bio/la sa tom osobom? Cini mi se kao da se nije desilo!?”. Takvi su i trendovi. Kada smo nosili okrugle cipele, spicaste su nam bile uzasne, a kada su se narandzasta, crvena i pink kombinovale mnogi ljudi su se plasili i da pogledaju te autfite vec bi ih samo svrstali u modne zlocine. Kada vidim moje slike od nekoliko godina unazad ili mozda jos gore, one iz srednje skole cesto se zapitam “Sta sam mislila kada mi se to dopadalo?”. Zapravo u to vreme te kombinacije su, vrlo moguce, izgledale prilicno kul! Kao zvoncare mog tate i frizura moje mame iz 70ih, ne mogu da ne umrem od smeha kada gledam slike iz tog vremena, iako znam da je to tada bio vrhunac mode i trenda. Kao veliki fan Britney Spears ponekad se zapitam sta ona misli o svom total denim autfitu iz 2001. Ne samo da se trendovi menjaju vec ukoliko ste trenutno u svojim teen ili dvadesetim godinama verovatno cete prodji jos koju promenu stila dok ne otkrijete sta je to sto vam tacno lezi i to je sasvim normalno. Ja sam uvek bila skroz iskrena kada je moj stil u pitanju, on zavisi od raspolozenja, ali je to uglavnom nesto zenstveno, kombinacija koja prati trend i ima bar jednu veselu boju u sebi. Uvek sam kupovala skuplje cipele i torbe, jer je to ono u sta ja volim da ulazem.
Blog je kao neki digitalni foto album, sa datumima i svedocima o mom licnom stilu i promenama koje je prosao tokom poslednjih godina. Neverovatno mi je kada pogledm slike od pre tri godine, kada vidim sta je bio najveci trend i shvatim da mi taj isti trend sada izaziva jezu. Secam se da se u 4.godini fakulteta nosilo sve sto se slaze bas bas, te da su sve moje drugarice, bas kao i ja nosile kais koji se slaze sa torbom, cuveni Gucci logo koji se ponekad nasao ne samo na torbama i kaisevima vec i na baletankama. To sada zvuci mozda uzasno, ali je tada “najbolji” nacin kombinovanja. U ovo doba sve je dozvoljeno, odeca je sira, ne toliko kratka i uska kako se nekada nosila, boje su opustenije i nosi se sve zivo. Kao sto je Alexander McQueen rekao “Ovo je nova era u modi – ne postoje pravila”.

Posto su prosle 4 godine od kako sam izbacila svoj prvi outfit post, mnogo toga se desilo u mom zivotu i sa mojim stilom, pa sam odlucila da posvetim ceo post saleci se na svoj sopstveni racun o stvarima koje sam ranije nosila. Ipak ukoliko me pratite znate koliko samu sebe ne dozivljavam ozbiljno, pa hajde da se bacimo na to putovanje kroz vreme i pogledamo kako je moj stil evoluirao. Od stvari koje sam nosila kao student do onih kao zaposlena devojka u velikoj kompaniji, pa do konacno ovih kao fashion blogger puno radno vreme. Obozavam da gledam moje stare fotografije, jer iako se osecam da tu nema nekog napretka i da se moj stil ne menja, one mi pokazuju upravo suprotno.
Samo u poslednje dve godine moj stil je znatno napredovao. Ne bih rekla da se promenio, jer je moj stil uvek bio zenstven, sa dodirom boje i trenda, kao sto ste mogli videti i na samom pocetku, ali je jednostavno napredovao zajedno sa trendovima, jer sam ja naucila mnogo toga, kao npr kako da kombinujem materijale, boje, printove… Ne znam da li je stvar u mojim godinama, jer 20-e su vreme kada upoznajemo sami sebe, promenimo nekoliko stilova, promenimo bezbroj frizura, oblik obrva, ljude s kojima se druzimo, pa cak i fakultete i misljenja, a o nacinu odevanja da ne govorim.

Predlazem vam da se opustite, uzmete solju kafe ili caja i da se zajedno sa mnom zabavite gledajuci koliko se moj stil transformisao u poslednje 4 godine. Zar nije interesantno kako cesto mislimo da su godina-dve zaista nista u nasim zivotima, ali onda uvidimo koliko toga moze da se promeni, pocevsi od neceg povrsnog kao sto je nacin na koji izgledamo? To mi se jako dopada i srecna sam sto mogu da proslavim ovaj veliki dan sa vama. Nadam se da vam se post dopao i obavezno mi recite sta mislite o tome da zapocnem novu seriju postova ponedeljkom u kojim bih vam otkrivala svoja misljenja i neke malo licnije stvari. Sta mislite o mojoj evoluciji stila i kako ste se vi promenili u poslednjih 3-5 godina?
Takodje zelim da pozovem sve moje prijatelje blogere da napisu post na istu temu i pokazu nam svoju evoluciju, mislim da je ovo jako zabavno, a vi dragi moji ne zaboravite da sve moje kobinacije mozete videti klikom na sekciju Looks!


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