1 Apr, 2024

Loewe Flamenco Bag Review

Back in February I  added the Loewe Flamenco bag to my collection , and although I haven’t had many occasions to flaunt it yet, that’s about to change very soon. To me, the emerald green hue of this bag screams spring, making it the perfect accessory for the coming season! Let’s talk about the design of the Flamenco bag. What caught my eye initially were the soft structure and the two knots on the sides, giving it a unique and elegant look. The name “Flamenco” makes perfect sense when you tighten the drawstrings, causing the leather to ruffle up, resembling the dress of a Flamenco dancer.  As Loewe has been launching a bag success after the other I decided to dedicate this bag a whole post just like we did previously for the Squeeze Bag.

Flamenco bags

Despite its compact size, this bag surprises with its capacity. It easily accommodates all my essentials such as my phone, keys, card case wallet, and sunglasses, along with a few extras like a small hand sanitizer and tissues. The discreet magnetic closure ensures that everything stays securely in place, giving me peace of mind while on the go. What I love about this bag is its versatility. It can be carried as a clutch, worn over the shoulder using the donut chain, or as a crossbody bag with the detachable leather strap, making it suitable for various occasions and outfits. The nappa lambskin material feels luxurious to the touch, while the suede lining adds a touch of elegance.

About the LOEWE Flamenco bag

LOEWE Flamenco can be carried by hand, or worn either on the shoulder or crossbody thanks to the detachable handle and shoulder strap.

Size Options:

Regular Flamenco bag – Weight: 0.31 kg, Height : 20 cm , Width : 30 cm , Depth : 10.5 cm , Height : 7.9 inch , Width : 11.8 inch , Depth : 4.1 inch

Mini Flamenco bag – Weight: 0.18 kg , Height : 17 cm ,Width : 23 cm , Depth : 5.5 cm , Height : 6.7 inch, Width : 9.1 inch , Depth : 2.2 inch

Colour Options

Emerald Green, Black, Dark Burgundy, Sahara

Mini Flamenco bags

One thing to note is the care required due to the suede lining, which feels luxurious but is susceptible to spills and marks. However, the outside leather is incredibly soft and smooth, and I haven’t experienced any water marks despite it being rained on. Which has happened heavily during FW… The absence of hardware keeps the bag lightweight, making it comfortable to carry all day.

Besides the standard Flamenco design, there’s a delightful twist in the form of a clutch version, available in both regular and mini sizes. These variants maintain the essence of the Flamenco’s charm while adding a touch of sophistication and functionality. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice subtle differences that set the clutch apart. The clutch version features a slightly more generous use of materials and leather around its opening, enhancing its luxurious appeal. One notable distinction is the absence of a gold chain for carrying, replaced instead by a long, elegant leather strap. This modification not only streamlines the bag’s aesthetic but also makes it perfect for occasions that call for a sleek and refined look. While the core elements of the Flamenco remain consistent across its variations, these nuanced changes in the clutch design offer versatility and a contemporary edge. Whether you opt for the regular or mini clutch, each iteration embodies Loewe’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless style, making it a coveted accessory for those seeking elegance with a modern twist.

Flamenco bags In comparison

Flamenco Clutch bags

Overall, if you’re in search of a lightweight, versatile, and discreet crossbody bag, I highly recommend considering the Loewe Flamenco. It’s a testament to Loewe’s quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it a worthwhile investment for any bag enthusiast.


xoxo, Tamara


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