6 May, 2021

What Helps Me Keep Fit During Lockdown

*This post is NOT Sponsored, however I was introduced to Fitness + App by Apple

With summer rapidly approaching not only have I already begun to transform my wardrobe with exciting new pieces in great anticipation, but fashion aside (just for this once!), I have also been focusing on living a healthier lifestyle; incorporating more fitness. In this post, I’d like to share with you what I have recently changed in my routine, particularly in the build-up to a summer that could not come any quicker given the crazy year we’ve all had! Before I delve further into the topic of fitness though, I’d like to reinforce that this is me sharing my experience and you should by no means feel any pressure to alter your routine.

I have been using my Apple Watch for a while now as a prime source of motivation; encouraging me to complete my daily move/exercise rings. Setting myself achievable goals each day; whether that is going for a walk in the beautiful Parisian parks to get those steps in (one of the many perks of living here!) or completing a short home workout has been a great way to integrate fitness into my lifestyle.

Yes of course, we all have those days where we feel unmotivated and Netflix seems far more appealing (this is totally normal and acceptable too!); however having these personal movement goals of mine has really enhanced my daily routine.

I have found it extremely beneficial forming healthy lifestyle choices that I habitually integrate into my day-to-day life. I’d like to place emphasis on the word ‘lifestyle’ that I repeatedly make reference to. I have realised that fitness will only become part of your lifestyle if you find a way to maintain certain healthy habits. In fact, exercise should not be a chore but it should be something fun and enjoyable (and often sociable too) – it’s all about finding what works best for you and your body.

This past year has no doubt been a challenge with regards to keeping motivated. With gyms having been closed and outdoor exercise time reduced, I applaud anyone who managed to maintain some form of at-home workout routine; and for those that did not it is important not to be harsh on yourself. I for one found this particularly challenging and I must admit the idea of home workouts seemed fairly uninspiring to me initially.

However, I was introduced to Fitness Plus, which completely transformed my previous perception of home workouts. This is an engaging new fitness feature based around the Apple Watch that Apple has recently launched – an incredible way to access a vast range of fitness classes all in one place. The app helps to recreate that dynamic group class environment through your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV and you can even bring the trainers along to the gym for a guided treadmill workout.


I found it super convenient that one can access such a diverse range of classes whenever and from wherever too! This flexibility has really helped me fit my workouts into my schedule and will also be extremely beneficial when I start travelling more frequently again. With some classes as short as 10 minutes long, there really is no excuse to not get it done!

What I think is great about Fitness Plus is that it’s suitable for all levels of ability; and with the broad range of classes that the app offers (10 different workout types to be specific) there is bound to be a class for you. Whether you are in the mood for a chilled yoga flow and a mindful cooldown or feel like something more intense such as a HIIT workout (or even a dance class!); there is something for everyone.

It can be daunting starting from square one with regards to working out; however, the Absolute Beginner workouts on the app provide amazing guidance and so is the perfect way to ease someone into fitness and help build one’s confidence.


The coaches on the Fitness Plus app are extremely motivating and their positive/upbeat energy in class is contagious. Being experts in their field they hugely help you to achieve your goals and their enthusiasm and passion I must say is really encouraging.
The app has pushed me to try out different types of classes I perhaps would not have normally tried had it not been for Fitness Plus – with access to fantastic guidance offered by the trainers it would be rude not to give them a go!


I recently tried out the unique ‘Time To Walk’ feature on Fitness Plus; an engaging walking experience where one can listen to the inspirational stories of an influential person. Apple came up with this idea as a means to encourage people to walk more; given the underrated benefits of walking as a form of exercise – and I believe it does exactly that. This idea is really great and has made walking a far more entertaining experience lately. It has certainly helped me reach my daily step-count too!


  •  Available as a monthly subscription of £9.99/month or £79.99 per year.
  • Apple Watch users can access Fitness Plus in the fitness app via iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
  • A family subscription option is available – Fitness Plus can be shared with up to 6 people for the same fee.

Click here to try out Fitness Plus

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xoxo, Tamara

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