SS21 Accessories You Need In Your Wardrobe

To leave the house without wearing clothes is a crime. But to leave the house without wearing accessories is a fashion crime (an altogether more serious offence)! Some fashion lovers will tell you that accessories are merely the cherry on top of an outfit but I disagree.

For me, accessories are the very glue that holds any fabulous look together.

Whether it’s a bag, a pair of shoes, an SLG (small leather good) or just about any decorative addition to an outfit, good accessories are key. Accessories have the power to take an outfit from blah to ‘oh my gosh I just made it onto the street style section of Vogue’.

Fashion brands’ accessory offerings this season are as hot as the impending summer. I’ve been trialling out accessories from a few of my go-to labels and have settled on a selection of my favourites.

In this post, I’m going to share with you my must-have accessory finds for spring/summer 2021.

Chanel Mini Chain Wallets

Micro-sized versions of bags, wallets and pouches are nothing new. Itty bitty designs have been popping up on the runway and Instagram for quite some time now. Few brands have enjoyed success in this microscopic area quite like Chanel. The fashion world was shocked when a plethora of luxury brands released cases for AirPods which cost more than AirPods themselves. But, like with most things in fashion, the shock factor equated to commercial success.

Chanel’s take on the AirPods case has proved wildly popular. Aside from just holding your AirPods, this microscopic pouch features a chain which can be worn around your neck. Want bonus style points? Layer the Chanel AirPods Case with other mini chain wallets from the house like the Flap Card Holder with Chain.

Valentino Rectangular Frame Logo Sunglasses

After months spent inside, you will most definitely need to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun. So this next accessory is purely functional (and coincidentally from Valentino and incredibly stylish). These Valentino Rectangular Frame Logo Sunglasses are simply sublime and I plan on wearing them all summer long. I’m a huge fan of aviator style sunglasses but my preference can certainly be swayed. The thick-rimmed, rectangular frames on this Valentino pair, complete with the house’s signature V on the sides makes them a standout accessory. They’re also comfortable to wear and sit on the top of your head with ease.

The Attico Devon Mules

Mules are one of the biggest shoe trends for spring/summer 2021. Combine that with a square-toe finish and the covetable (and comfortable) chunky heel and you have yourself an ‘It’ shoe. The plethora of celebrities spotted wearing The Attico Devon Mules seem to think so and I do too. The Attico brand is only five years old but has already managed to gain a following of footwear lovers rivalling that of brands which have been around ten times longer. The Devon Mules sport a chunky pyramid heel which will pair perfectly with power suits and party dresses alike.


Bottega Veneta Wedge Mules

Speaking of a chunky heel, the Bottega Veneta Wedge Mules take this to the extreme. The design is clog-like to say the least. Clogs are one of the most shocking things to come out of 2021 so far (not just fashion trends but generally). While this year’s clog trend is intriguing to me I’m not sure I would be so bold as to wear actual clogs. As the daughter of pharmacists, clogs to me will always be, first and foremost, what pharmacists wear on their feet when working. However, I am inclined to try out the clog trend in a less cloggy form. And these Bottega Veneta Wedge Mules are perfect for doing so. (FYI – I’m including two mules on this list because you can simply never have enough pairs!) 

Bottega Veneta Point Bag

I have already expressed my love for Bottega Veneta’s latest clutch bag release. But I love this bag so much it deserves a mention here as well. Perfect for tying together any summer outfit, the Bottega Veneta Point Bag is everything you need in a summer clutch. The design can also be carried by the prominent V logo top handle but at the moment I’m adoring clutching this covetable new Bottega Veneta gem under my arm. It’s available in a rainbow of summery hues. My favourite is the shade seagrass which is sort of a mix between lime green and lemon yellow (coincidentally both essential components of any good summer drink).

Chanel Headband

Chanel did many headpieces that were amazing this season. A good headband will go a long way during summertime when you’re hot and bothered and desperate to get your hair off of your face. The print of this thick headband from Chanel has a retro feel and it’s one of my most loved hair accessories ever. The price is a little more than you would expect to pay for a headband but if you know you’ll use it over and over it may be worth the investment.

Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Leather Point-Toe Flats

For the past decade studs have become almost synonymous with Valentino itself so it’s no surprise that Piccioli is bringing this signature detail back for spring/summer 2021, but with a twist! Enlarged pyramid-shaped studs adorn these chic backless flats making them both a standout accessory and oh so comfortable. While it’s true that heeled versions of Valentino Garavani’s studded shoes have been the most sought-after throughout the 10 years since the design’s release, these studded shoes are making a return in flats only this season. Perhaps this is because Piccioli knew we would all want to revel in the joy of these studded treasures without having to face walking in heels post-lockdown.

What do you think of my picks?

Which accessories are you most excited to don this spring/summer?


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  1. 18 May, 2021 / 9:48 am

    Haha, I completely agree with your few on accessories ‘making’ an outfit! Also, I had to chuckle reading the part about clogs – so accurate, haha! :D my favs would have to be the Valentino flats as well as the clutch… Both are super cool!
    Xx Janine


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