14 Apr, 2021

Spring Summer 2021 Beauty Trends

Spring is here and post-lockdown life is on the horizon. It’s time to take off that exfoliating face mask (your skin has had enough makeup-free days to last you a lifetime) and fully embrace the spring beauty trends of 2021.

Want perfect shimmery lips in time for the blossom tree Instagram pics you’re planning? Want hair as chic as a French girl’s? Ready to embrace your sun-kissed freckles (or fake it if you don’t have any of your own)? Then keep reading!

If autumn/winter is the time for cozy self-care days spent lying in a bubble bath, then spring/summer is the time for showing off the results. And, in this instance, for coming out of lockdown hibernation, entering as a confused and naive caterpillar and emerging as a magnificent and confident butterfly (with great hair and dewy skin).

In this post, I’m going to let you in on all the must-know beauty trends for spring. From what glosses to lather on your lips, to the hottest hairstyle right now. I’ve got you covered!

Vivid Eyeshadow

This trend is certainly not new but it’s been given a new lease of life this spring. In stark contrast to the many makeup-free days of lockdown or subtle, understated eye makeup looks for Zoom calls, this trend is all about making your eyes POP! Shades of electric blue, bumblebee yellow and even bright red are all hot right now. One thing to mention (and I cannot stress this enough), apply with caution!

Makeup artist Dick Page is a fan of this animated look. Page opted for an energetic blue eye look for a recent shoot. A similarly intense shade of blue appeared on a model featured in UK-based designer Bethany Williams’ spring/summer shoot. Yellow is another bright favourite right now. And if you really want to go crazy, why not finish off with black winged eyeliner, although be careful not to go full bumblebee!

This look may not be your next everyday go-to but you’ll certainly need something festive for the plethora of re-openings and events coming up as lockdown restrictions are lifted. And I for one cannot wait to get all dressed up and paint my eyelids blue!

credit – Zero + Maria Cornejo brand accessed via marieclaire.com

credit – @patrickta via Instagram

Faux Freckles

Remember the days when anyone who wasn’t Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap would get teased for their freckles? Well times have changed.

Now the trend is to show off your freckles in full force! And if you aren’t lucky enough to have freckles naturally, don’t fret, simply dot them on! Brow pencils are great for this but be sure to use sparingly. The trick is to draw on light dots instead of full-blown shaded in circles.

Model Emily Ratajkowski is a member of the faux freckle gang and model Adwoa Adoba along with Meghan Markle eagerly flaunt their real freckles to gorgeous effect. I myself was not lucky enough to be born with this adorable quirk but I’m tempted to try faux freckles on for size.

Bold Bottom Lashes

Big eyes aren’t really a beauty trend so much as a gorgeous natural feature. But this next trend on my list will help give you the perfect doe-eyed look. Bold bottom lashes will enlarge the look of your eyes. Plus, the look gives me serious ‘60s throwback vibes. It was a stylish decade filled with the likes of Twiggy and Aretha Franklin.

Fancy adding a touch of ‘60s glamour to your spring 2021 look?

Coat your bottom lashes with a couple of layers of clumpy mascara and let your inner ‘60s goddess shine! One of my favourite clumpy mascaras is the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl.

Want to go a step further? You can draw on long bottom lashes to create the full wide-eyed effect. But perhaps avoid trying to look like Lady Gaga at the 2019 Met Gala. She looked amazing but if I attempted to put metal spikes on my lashes, there’s a good chance I’d blind myself.

French Girl Fringe

Ooh la la! Grab yourself a croissant and a café au lait before you read this one! It’s time for you to go French … well, your fringe anyway! The ‘French Girl Fringe’ is the latest must-have hairstyle for spring/summer. The style, a short fringe parted down the middle, has been emerging as a popular look for quite some time now. But suddenly every fashionista from Paris to Peru seems to be donning this laidback hairstyle.

It’s long been a favourite style of celebrities such as Dakota Johnson and Alexa Chung. Living in Paris myself, I’m no stranger to the allure of the effortlessly chic French girl style. The ‘French Girl Fringe’ became many people’s self-inflicted lockdown haircut, most likely because it’s not quite as drastic as full bangs but it’s enough to fill you with nerves when going in for the chop!

credit - @janebirkindaily accessed via Instagram, photographed by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match)

Vibrant Glitter Lips

If there was ever the perfect time to sport a vibrant glitter lip … now is that time!

I’m going to make an educated guess and say that post-lockdown parties will be enthused with all the glamour that you would expect from a ‘20s decade. Picked out a glittery dress yet? If not, why not? And while you’re at it, pick out a glittery lip gloss to pair it with. I’m most excited about the pink hues available in glittery styles.

Makeup artist Daniel Sallstrom created a red and fuchsia glitter lip paired with fuzzy jumpers of equal shimmer. Charlotte Tilbury does some gorgeous glitter glosses, especially of the pink variation. If you’re up for the full effect, NYX does some face and body glitter which you can apply over the top of gloss for glitter galore.

Floral Nail Art

When spring is in full bloom it’s every fashion lover’s natural instinct to adorn themselves with florals. Groundbreaking, I know. And whilst, typically, this means floral dresses, skirts and the occasional flower crown, in 2021 it’s time to introduce blossoms into your nail art. I’m sure that during lockdown, we’ve all been experimenting with at-home nail kits but now it’s time to really get creative! From delicate daisy designs, to studded flowery looks, these nail trends are getting me in the mood for the slew of spring activities we no doubt all have planned.

If you want to have a go yourself at home, Essie is great for a good quality nail polish at a reasonable price.

credit - Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth accessed via Pinterest

credit - @hollyfalconenails accessed via Instagram

Which spring beauty trend are you most excited to try out?

xoxo, Tamara

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