8 Nov, 2020

Dior Prestige: From the Rose to the Skin

Skincare is a massive topic on my channels, and one that always get the most attention. If I am being totally honest I would tell you that I use quite a lot of products in my skin care routine. That solely depends on what my skin needs at that given moment. Is it dehydrated, grey looking, am I getting breakouts or more prominent lines. I will probably do a blog post about all of my favourite skin care products, but today wanted to speak about the Dior Prestige range, because I its something that always gets a lot of questions.

Before we start I would like to specify that this post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own, but I was sent the products from the Dior team to try. In the past I have also purchased the Dior Prestige products, specially the sheet masks, that both my sister and I adore (also might have heard that many celebrities are fans of this product).

So let me bring you back to 2016. I was invited by the Dior Beauty team to come to Paris. It was a really beautiful trip, around the Christmas time, and many of you who followed me back then will remember it. I got a complimentary facial at the Dior Spa, and the lady who analysed my skin said that I would like the Dior Prestige products the most.

I have to say that this was the beginning of me being comfortable with my skin without makeup. Before that moment I liked to have a little bit of foundation on my face even when I would see my friends, or no matter who, I hated going bare skinned. So much has changed since then, and I think its because of the right skin care. I loved the Prestige Moisturiser right away, besides the very light rose smell, I loved how rich but not greasy it is, and how my skin looked after it. I loved removing my makeup on any possible occasion, just to apply the little bit of the sample I had left over from that spa appointment.

This moment was pivotal for my skin care routine, because I understood that skincare is so much more important than makeup.

Since 1999, Dior Prestige has been offering the extraordinary life force of the Rose de Granville in it's exceptional skincare products.

La lotion essence de rose

The fundamental first step in the skincare routine

Helps restore the skin’s vitality

Combines, for the 1st time*, the vital essence of the Rose de Granville flowers with the revitalizing power of its buds

Energy, hydration and nourishment

La lotion essence de rose

Enriched with minerals and Rose de Granville oil

It gives a sensation of intensely plumped skin and lasting comfort

Brimming with micro-nutrients, skin is hydrated for 24 hours

The incredibly fine and luxurious texture

92% Natural Ingredients

La micro-lotion de rose

It reveals a cocooning effect

It fuses with the skin to envelop it in absolute comfort

It revitalizes and supports an even skin architecture for perfect-looking skin

Skin is smoother and more even

It is refillable

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These three products are the products I love using

If I have to recommend one or two, it would be serum and the cream, because I believe that those are always essential for doing the most for the skin. If you want to start with the Dior Prestige range by getting to know it, I suggest getting the sheet masks from the range, they are the most luxurious treatments you can have at the comfort of your home.

For me this is a little luxury that I appreciate the most, skincare, care and self love is something that doesn’t have price for me, and that is why I never regret money spent on looking after myself.

check out how i use dior prestige products during my morning routine

xoxo, Tamara

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