Best of Bottega Veneta

Best of Bottega Veneta

Its always the same story. There is a brand that gets really hot, a new brand or an old brand but you see it constantly while scrolling down the instagram. Its nicely positioned in fltlays, on coffee table books, feet of all the IT girls are decorated with those shoes and their well manicured hands are clutching their bags while the other has the finest Italian espresso in it.

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How To Find Motivation In This Difficult Time

How To Find Motivation In This Difficult …

I love to daydream and go in my deepest imagination of my perfect world. I like to go back to that moments of pure happiness that I experienced and to feel it again. Believe me, daydreaming is a way to fulfil all your fantasies and to have a super relaxing time with yourself.

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Movies, TV Shows and Books ideas During Corona Times

Movies, TV Shows and Books ideas During …

We are all trying to stay positive, and what better way than to share good movies, books and to just invest a little more time into yourself. I recently filmed a video talking about my favourite books, movies and shows but wanted to write a specific list here. One you can come back to at any time you wish.

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