What camera do you use?
I use Canon 5D mark iii with different lenses, usually 50mm and 85mm

What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?
I would say that blogging looks much easier than it is. Be persistent if its something you want to do, make sure to focus on good quality content and a posting schedule. Don’t start your blog simply because of money, because even though blogging is an industry, your main incentive should be creating something amazing for followers and yourself.

Do you blog full time?
Yes! I know it might seem like a very easy and fun thing, but there is much more to blogging that what you see. Numerous meetings, contracts, collaborations, work trips,projects which require long shooting, preparing videos, editing videos, thinking of interesting topics and planning the schedule ahead. Sometimes all of this happens the same time while I am away from the office or at fashion weeks which i sa very busy time of the year.

How do you make money on your blog?
I am very fortunate to collaborate with some of my favourite brands on creating content and promoting their products. I only truly work with brands I love and support even when not collaborating. Most of the content on my blog is still unpaid, because I love creating content for you and would be doing so even if this wouldn’t be my job. The other way I also make money is via affiliates.


Where are you from?

How and when did you move to England?
I moved to England when I was 18 to study at University of Brighton. I now have a diploma in Masters of Pharmacy.

Was it difficult to move to another country?
For me it was a challenge that I was very excited about. I quickly made friends and its something that made me into a person I am today. Leaving home at 18 was the best decision I could ever make as it made me more independent and motivated me to work harder

Why did you chose blogging over pharmacy?
After working for 2 years as a pharmacist I realised that I was getting scared of being stuck in such a corporate environment at 24. I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to create experiences and to blog more. I knew that pharmacy is something I could always come back to as the diploma I have is safely placed in a drawer. When the opportunity came I took the leap and starter chasing my dreams. You can read more about it here

Is it difficult to get in University in England? How can I do the same?
If you are planning to study abroad I would honestly advise you to start collecting all he relevant information at least year and a half before going. University applications open usually one year before the start date and if its something you truly want you can read about how to get in on UCAS and official page of the University you desire to get in to.


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