17 May, 2024

What I wore to Gucci Cruise

Gucci Looks

Hello hello, reporting live from London with some major Italian vibes. And by that I don’t mean Filippo. We were on a Gucci Cruise last weekend, and I hope I succeeded to pass on the energy through my stories and vlog, because it was amazing. I had a blast, reunited with my friends, absorbing the new and fresh vibe from the collection,  which was to die for. I did give you the full report here, hope you had the chance to read it. But today we are focusing on my looks for the occasion. I had the opportunity to wear three looks, let’s go through it together. 

First evening was a chilled cocktail and I wanted to do relatively low key, but it’s Gucci we are talking about here, so let’s say “low key for Gucci”. Pieces I wore are from Sabato de Sarno’s first show, grey cardigan, leaning more to the sweater kinda form,  a leather skirt in recognisable Gucci Rosso Ancora Colour, Signoria slingback pumps, and my Jackie Notte bag, all complimenting the mentioned colour. 

Next day , was the show day but before that we headed for lunch for which I picked another Gucci look. Almost all black, with a crystallised Gucci bralette, layered it with Magda Butrym cropped blazer, and black leather trousers. Styled it all with Jackie Notte bag and Signoria pumps in burgundy. 

Last outfit, was the look that I wore for the show.  As London and I are old friends, and I do know how cold it can get, I made sure I wore layers. First one was the rib white tank top, then I went for the grey wool jumper, adorned with crystals, decided to proceed with black leather shorts, and I wrapped it all up with gorgeous red leather coat. I did add the new bordeaux sunnies, this time Signoria pumps, but with lower heel, and of course, I couldn’t leave without Jackie Notte. 

Look 1


Look 2


Look 3



xoxo, Tamara


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