8 Apr, 2024

Lipsticks and Lip Products I’ve been loving lately

Juicy, kissable lips. My favourite part of makeup. I often receive inquiries about the lip products I use and how I combine them. So today, let’s dedicate the topic specially to that – the lip products I love!

Charlotte Tilbury

I always start with the Iconic Nude lip liner. In my opinion, it has the perfect texture, creamy and ideal for matching the natural colour of my lips. Additionally, from the same brand, there are several lipsticks that I rotate and are my absolute favourites. Runway Royalty, Penelope Pink, and Icon Baby. At first glance, they might seem similar, but they are actually quite different. One has a slightly purplish undertone, the other leans more towards pink and nude shades, and the third is a light pink and beige. Even mixing them in any order, I am convinced it can’t go wrong. Recently I had my makeup professionally done and we used the Bitch Perfect. Thats another one Id like to add to my next shopping list.

Prada Beauty

besides the obvious – which is the fact I love anything Prada related – Prada Beauty has really surpassed all of my expectations. These lipsticks are truly special, starting from the packaging itself. They offer a wide range of colours, finishes, from matte to glossy with shimmer. However, today I’m focusing on three shades that often find their way into my bag for the day. Here, I realize that I always alternate between three shades. Again, light pink, a purplish undertone, and lastly, a light pink and beige. I believe the key is experimentation, finding what suits you best, which finish you prefer, considering your lip colour, etc. The shades I’m referring to are B01 ARGILE – beige brown, P58 TAMARIS – pink nude  and B15 UNIFORM – deep nude.


My kinda newly discovered brand, almost like my holy grail. Their lip glosses and lip liners are unparalleled! Here, I also vary between a few shades, playing with combinations depending on the day and mood. Their lip liners are phenomenal, as they have a small brush on one end, which I use to blend the product onto my lips for a seamless look. The first, lighter nude shade is Bold Beige, and the second, Rich Rose. I’m sharing this with the risk of you all buying them out and leaving me with none! But I love you and truly want to share this secret. As for lip glosses, I use two most frequently. One is the Plump Shot Sheer Tint Lip in several shades, you can’t go wrong with any of them, while the other is a classic gloss in the shade White Russian.

step by step how to achieve bigger and fuller lips


TOM FORD makeup is quite exclusive, in my opinion and I love their lip products so much. There is a whole list of Tom Ford lip sticks I love but in order to not overwhelm you I ll go with my holy grail. You probably already know we are heading in the direction of Tom Ford Sable Smoke. It’s a perfect warm-toned, medium peach with a satin finish. Long-lasting… I adore it.



I don’t have many of her products, but this one has inspired me to definitely get my hands on more. The lip gloss in the shade Pale Fire Nectar hydrates the lips beautifully, making them appear much fuller with a brilliant finish… Simply stunning. My absolute favourite Pat McGrath Lip Product is the gloss in Nude Venus of course.



xoxo, Tamara

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