13 Mar, 2024

Wednesday Wishlist


Happy Wednesday!

Every time I’m back from fashion weeks I have a full on Wishlist of things I need to get in my wardrobe stat. On today’s wishlist agenda, we’ve got quite the lineup of items, so let’s dive right in. A girl can never have too many shoes, and that’s precisely the mantra I’ve lived by while carefully selecting mine. You might notice I’ve indulged in a few pairs of mules, including the exquisite BOTTEGA VENETA Cha-cha ones, available in both burgundy and classic black – why choose when you can have both, right? Then there are the TOTEME pumps, exuding a mule-like vibe, wouldn’t you agree? Now, let’s stick with the shoe theme a bit longer. I’ve also opted for two stunning pairs of ballet flats: embellished fishnet Alaia ones and a timeless classic in black leather from Loro Piana. Alaia, Loro, The Row and Toteme are really the brands I have been loving lately.

Now, let’s talk ANCORA. We all know this is Gucci territory, and after touching the new Jackie mini bag, I have to mention this adorable small shoulder bag, which I predict will be an absolute hit. Keeping in the same colour tone, I’ve snagged a gorgeous mid-length leather skirt – and yes, you guessed it, another pair of shoes: the new Gucci platform loafers. They are just so delicious.

 I’ve also selected two dresses: a sheer maxi Alaia dress in black and a midi dress from TOTEME.

Moving on to accessories, we’ve got a variety of glasses, but I’m particularly thrilled about this Gucci model. They strike the perfect balance between modern and classic, and I simply can’t wait to try them on! Oh, and let’s not forget about the oversized silver earrings from Alaia – talk about making a statement!



But wait, there’s more! Here, I’ve handpicked a few beauty products that I simply can’t wait to try out! A little makeup, a little skincare – the perfect combination for that extra glow.


xo xo Tamara


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