18 Mar, 2024

The most worn shoes of the fashion month

Hello my lovelies! As the fashion month whirlwind is over, I couldn’t resist sharing my ultimate shoe obsession – the unsurpassed heroes of my wardrobe! From strutting the streets of New York to the cobblestone runways of Milan, these shoes have been my steadfast companions, elevating every outfit with their undeniable charm and personality. So, grab your favourite cup of tea and let’s dive into the fabulous world of footwear that has stolen my heart this fashion month!

The ultimate winner

We’ve got a few categories to tackle today. First up, let’s talk about the ultimate winner – the shoes that have stolen the spotlight and my heart. If you’ve been following along, you probably already guessed it, but there’s no denying that the Ferragamo Eva pumps in silver are taking home the crown. Seriously, I’ve lost the count of how many times I’ve slipped into these beauties. They’re effortlessly chic, leg-lengthening, and oh-so-comfortable. The silhouette? Perfection. And that heel height? Just right. I can’t get enough of them, and I’m already planning to add more colours to my collection. Trust me, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these babies.


Some Ferragamo pumps outfits out of many


The Row

In the second place we have The Row, my loyal companion, boots which I adore and have worn frequently, especially during the chilly days in NY. This trusty pair of shoes is starting to show signs of wear and tear from all the use – but very mildly and if you ask me they look even better than before. I’m all about practical pieces that effortlessly elevate an outfit while still looking incredibly chic. You might have spotted them in a few posts prior to fashion month—they’re definitely one of my top favourites!

Then there are those leather The Row shoes, which seem to have captured all your hearts judging by the enthusiastic comments. They boast such a unique yet elegantly simple design, don’t you think? Remarkably comfortable and stable, they effortlessly elevate any look. I’ve personally taken them for a spin in London on one occasion, and then again in Paris for the Chloe show. Their versatility knows no bounds! These heels are new in my wardrobe, but they aren’t actually a novelty, which I why I wasnt sure if it makes sense to share them here – but truthfully I couldn’t resist.


Hermès loafers

My relatively new addition to the shoe family – the Hermès loafers. I’ve taken these beauties out for a spin in NY a couple of times, but they really stood out at the Hermès runway. When it comes to flat footwear, these are my go-to choice. Crafted from luxurious black leather with silver accents, they exude timeless elegance and sophistication. And talk about the comfort. They’ve really got that plenty. 


Adidas Samba

Of course, there are still more favourites in the mix, ones I’ve worn time and time again. For a laid-back, casual vibe, there’s nothing quite like slipping into my Adidas Samba in green. You might recall I snagged them last year, and they’ve remained my top pick for sneakers ever since. The truth is – mine are actually HAND II but I keep referring to them as Sambas, because the two styles are very similar. I loved them so much, that I even added a brand new pair into my collection. Green is the colour that I opted again this time. If we compare them, very similar, but they needed an update. If you saw me somewhere around the town, through this crazy month, I was most likely in these. So comfy, easily styled. I ask for no more. 


Models in comparison


For those days when you want to add a dash of glamour to your look without compromising on comfort, I suggest you the Alaia ballet flats adorned with delicate crystals. These flats are not just a footwear choice; they’re a statement piece that elevates any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Trust me, once you slip into these beauties, you’ll understand why they’re a staple in my wardrobe – a perfect blend of style and comfort for the modern-day fashionista. During this fashion month I had a chance to wear them just a few times, due to the weather situation that has been following me, but spring is here, all ready to make it up to me. 

And do I really need to say anything about the black satin YSL heels? Well, not just black, but we’ll save the captivating details for another time perhaps…

Finally, I’ll leave you to shop and revel in the selection of all the shoes I’ve showcased this fashion month so far. Whether you’re stepping out for a glam soirée or keeping it casually chic, there’s a perfect pair waiting to adorn your fabulous feet. So, go ahead, treat yourself to a little shoe love – after all, life is too short to wear boring shoes! Until next time, my darlings, stay stylish and keep shining!


xo xo, Tamara


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