12 Mar, 2024

PFW Outfit diary

I must say, we’re closing this fashion month on a high note. Paris has been incredibly successful, with so many standout collections that I can’t wait to recap for you very soon. There were countless stunning outfits, plenty of hustle and bustle, and, let’s be real, not nearly enough sleep. But one thing’s for sure: I had such a great time and it was totally worth it. Now, let’s dive into each outfit I wore, one by one. I hope you enjoy the recap!


Opening Paris Fashion Week with Dior is always so beautiful. I fell in love with this look instantly. It was oversized yet undeniably chic. Sporting Dior’s newest addition, the black ballet flats with knee-high straps, paired with a midi-length black skirt, a classic white shirt, and an oversized black blazer. Oh let’s not forget the tweed handbag adorned with the iconic Christian Dior gold logo, along with their timeless black sunglasses. I felt super comfortable yet impeccably put together. Love it when Dior mixes boyish style with eternal elegance. I think when it comes to oversized styles and in general garçon fashion – the trick is to always add something elegant and feminine to create the perfect balance.



Next up was Chloe, offering a simple, but striking ensemble. I opted for classic Chloe jeans, the jacket in deep navy with gold buttons, complemented by this deep  green handbag, that reminds me so much of my big crush, the Chloe Paddington bag. Finished off with oversized black sunglasses featuring gold detailing, plenty of earrings, and the much-talked-about black leather sandals from The Row. I feel like it was truly giving off that Chloe at her prime energy vibe. Oh how much I loved that era and how happy I am its coming back. So excited for the new Chloe.


Off White

And then, rushing straight to the Off-White show, we switched gears a bit(literally also due to the Parisian traffic). Sleeveless minidress with a silver zip down the center, paired with Alaia sandals, a sleek silver puffer bag, and brand-new Off-White sunnies.



The following day, it was Loewe’s turn to shine. For the occasion, I chose a flowing, ethereal dress with a unique cut and detailing. With a touch of chill in the air, I layered it with a Loewe sweater adorned with subtle patterns. Carrying their iconic leather puffer bag and sporting white heels from their latest collection with a brush-like heel. These shoes are actually one of my favourites, as they are so comfy and I am super excited to wear them more.


Isabel Marant

Photography courtesy of Jere Viinikainen / @jereviinikainen

Isabel Marant took center stage that evening. I slipped into her very signature beige jumpsuit, exuding those safari vibes. Completing the look with my go-to silver Ferragamo pumps, a white bag with fringe from Isabel Marant herself, and cascading silver-gold earrings.



Now, let’s talk Givenchy. I was absolutely smitten with this ensemble. The star of the show? A long grey oversized coat, layered over a short black dress. Paired with black stockings and pumps, a new leather Givenchy bag, and silver-rimmed sunglasses. The jewellery? Let’s just say, it was next level. I am obsessed with the new Givenchy collection as there are so many cute details and accessories to swoon over.



Despite freezing in my Valentino outfit, it was worth every shiver. I wore a stunning cutout white dress with matching pumps, a crystal-embellished shoulder bag, and a plethora of spicy accessories, including gold V-logo earrings and a coordinating bracelet.


Victoria Beckham

Moving onto Victoria Beckham, where comfort met style. I opted for relaxed yet figure-flattering jeans, a leather belt, and a white corset. Topping it off with a white satin blazer from Filippo and Victoria Beckham’s epic sunglasses, alongside a pouch bag in white with delicate gold accents – tying the whole look together seamlessly. It was raining cats and dogs on this occasion, but I promise I stayed comfy and dry (besides the moment of shooting the look for the gram).



The following day was dedicated to my forever favourite, Hermès. I opted for a matching set – a high-waisted knit skirt paired with a crop top, both in a snug beige hue. Completing the look with my beloved black Hermès loafers and a shadow clutch bag, for which I did a whole post review. For the end, classic black Oliver Peoples sunglasses rounded off the ensemble perfectly.


Elie Saab

After Hermès, we rushed to the Elie Saab show. I decided to make a statement with their short black coat doubling as a dress. Underneath, a knit top, and, of course, my trusty sunglasses. No change of shoes this time, but I did opt for a Epsom Mini Kelly bag to complete the look.


Stella McCartney

As for Stella McCartney, it was all about a different vibe. A bit more put-together, a bit more glam. An olive-green jumpsuit with golden accents, perfectly complemented by a shimmering gold sequin handbag. And let’s not forget those Saint Laurent black satin heels with a touch of gold – a staple in my rotation this fashion month.


Miu Miu

Wrapping up the final day with a bang, we had two remarkable shows to attend. First up was Miu Miu. The weather finally decided to cooperate, giving us a dry spell and allowing for some leisurely photo-taking of the outfit. For this occasion, I opted for a matching set: a nappa leather top paired with a midi skirt in a stunning topaz hue. Despite the summery vibe, you could spot a hint of layering, especially with the addition of a navy Miu Miu bikini bottom peeking through. And to tie it all together, a thick leather belt cinched at the waist. Completing the look was my beloved Miu Miu Acardie bag in caramel, along with cord-strap leather sandals. I simply adore how everything came together, complementing this wild hairstyle of mine.


Louis Vuitton

And last but certainly not least, the final show before heading home was reserved for a brand that holds a special place in my heart forever, Louis Vuitton. For this occasion, I chose their elegantly understated denim dress, hitting just at the knees. I accentuated the waist with a statement camel belt, adorned myself with plenty of golden jewellery featuring the iconic LV insignia, for the bag I carried their iconic Speedy Bandoulière handbag, adorned with their classic monogram print and finished off the look with black pumps adorned with bows. It was the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxed elegance, capturing the essence of effortless Parisian style.


So many stunning collections, so many captivating outfits. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. I’ve already got certain styles on mind, ready to embrace in September. But for now, let’s bid farewell to fashion month. Stay tuned for a full recap of this week’s events in my vlog. Until then, take care and stay fabulous!

xo xo, Tamara


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