20 Mar, 2024

My Favourite Spring Fragrances

Spring, a season of renewal and revival, where nature awakens from its slumber, adorned in vibrant hues of green and blossoming flowers.  In all honest its the season in which I get inspired the most and somehow love dressing up and just enjoying the weather. As the days grow longer and the air fills with a sense of freshness, it’s time to bid farewell to the cozy embrace of winter fragrances and welcome the lighter, more invigorating scents of spring. I really need someone to help me get that winter wardrobe out and in with the lighter pieces. If you read the title you know what we will be talking about.  There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing your favourite scent – after all, signature fragrances are our faithful companions year-round. Yet, there’s something enchanting about certain scents that truly come alive with the changing of the seasons. I’m thrilled to share these springtime treasures with you. From woody notes to floral bouquets, fresh and invigorating scents to the subtle sweetness of vanilla, there’s a fragrance waiting to become your new warm-weather staple.


One fragrance that has captured my attention recently is Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir, perhaps you caught that in my recent video, where I explained that I opted for the smaller size to give it a try, and I have to say, I’m loving it! While it may not be the first scent that comes to mind when you think of spring, its warm, spicy, and oriental notes make it perfect for those crisp spring evenings. Created by the legendary perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Grand Soir is a true masterpiece, with its simple yet sophisticated blend of tonka beans, amber accord, and cistus labdanum. It’s a fragrance that exudes elegance and warmth, making it ideal for those special springtime occasions.

DOLCE GABBANA light blue

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue – a fragrance line that embodies the essence of the Mediterranean with its vibrant citrus notes. At the heart of Light Blue you will sense green apple, Sicilian citrus, layered with bamboo, musk, and wood. This unique combination offers a fresh and airy experience, reminiscent of a gentle breeze on a clear summer day. Light Blue will always remind me of those carefree summer days – yes I know we are taking about spring fragrances today but its something that goes perfectly Hand in Hand. I love the freshness of this scent which has all day longevity. Of al the fragrances here its probably one that has highest popularity, but I do believe that even though its not a niche fragrance its perfect for a signature scent.

Jo Malone

When it comes to Jo Malone London, I have not one, but four all-time favourites that I love to mix and match. From the refreshing Basil & Neroli to the enchanting Fig & Lotus Flower, each fragrance offers a unique olfactory experience that captures the essence of spring. Whether I’m in the mood for something floral, woody, or citrusy, Jo Malone London has me covered.

Tom Ford Vanilla Sex

Tom Ford’s new fragrance, Vanilla Sex Eau de Parfum, is making waves with its bold and unapologetic scent. With four different types of vanilla at its core, it’s perfect for those who love a statement-making fragrance. Expect warm, spicy notes of vanilla and sandalwood that linger long after you’ve left the room. Ideal for nights out, just remember, a little goes a long way to leave a lasting impression.


Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique, this one is a familiar mention from me. It holds a special place in my heart, as it was the fragrance I wore on the day I met my fiance. Its vibrant and exotic aroma captures the spirit of African culture, with notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli, and black amber. It’s a scent that never fails to make me feel adventurous and alive, making it perfect for those balmy spring nights.

GUERLAIN L'Art La Matière Neroli Plein Sud

During my trip to Morocco with Guerlain, I learned so much about fragrance in general, and I would love to share that knowledge. Now let me transport you to the sun-drenched horizons of Morocco with the enchanting Neroli Plein Sud. This fragrance offers a vibrant and spiced interpretation of neroli, unfolding with remarkable intensity to envelop you in a hypnotic experience that bridges the earth and the sky. Close your eyes and imagine embarking on a long journey, following in the footsteps of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the renowned aviation pioneer and friend of the Guerlain house. As you soar through the heavens, you’re greeted by the aromatic warmth of spices and woody notes, reminiscent of the exotic landscapes of Morocco.  So, my darlings, allow this enchanted fragrance to whisk you away to distant horizons and awaken your desire for adventure.

diptyque 34 boulevard Saint Germain

Transport yourself to the heart of Paris with Diptyque’s iconic fragrance, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. This scent is a true sensory journey, blending fresh green notes, moss, florals, and warm spices to create a unique and distinctive olfactory experience. With its potent throw and unmistakable aroma, it’s no wonder that this fragrance is one of the strongest in Diptyque’s collection.  With 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, every spritz is a reminder of the Maison’s legacy and the timeless allure of Parisian style.

Honour Woman by Amouage

Step into the world of Honour Woman by Amouage, where every spritz is a journey through the realms of elegance, femininity, and personal connection. There are several fragrances from this line that I love. From the moment I first encountered Honour Woman, I was captivated by its intricate blend of white florals and warm, woody undertones. As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, I couldn’t help but be drawn to its matured aroma, reminiscent of a blossoming garden in full bloom. The fragrance opens with a delicate interplay of pepper, coriander, and green rhubarb leaves, setting the stage for the enchanting floral heart that follows. Jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, lily of the valley, and carnation weave together in a symphony of scent, evoking emotions of love, longing, and introspection. What truly sets Honour Woman apart is its ability to tell a story—a story of love, betrayal, and reconciliation, much like the operatic tale of Madame Butterfly.

These spring fragrances offer a delightful array of scents to suit every mood and occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for something warm and spicy or light and refreshing, there’s a fragrance waiting to transport you to a world of beauty and enchantment. Let me know what is your favourite spring fragrance, until the next time!


xoxo, Tamara

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