27 Mar, 2024

Brand Spotlight TOTEME


Today, I wanted to shine a light on a brand that I wear frequently and love it for design and quality. Let’s talk about TOTEME. A favourite of every fashion minimalist or a capsule closet lover. Guilty on both counts. They truly cover a wide range, from winter to summer collections, as well as footwear and bags.

I’ve prepared a few of my favourites for you today, ones that I own and wear over and over again, but also items that are on my wish list.

Perhaps I’ll start with the gorgeous black maxi dress, with its beautiful specific cutouts that accentuates feminine beauty so nicely. I wore it for a dinner in Monaco back in January, and let me tell you, the way it draped and moved as I walked made me feel like I was floating on air. It’s one of those pieces that never fails to make a statement without being too flashy.

Along the same lines, there are also tops that I have and wear whenever the opportunity arises. The simplicity of their design is what draws me to them time and time again. 

Now, let’s talk coats… I was left speechless when I saw this bown coat. It looks so powerful and sophisticated. The rich texture of the pattern adds depth to any outfit, and the structured silhouette gives it a commanding presence. It’s a coat that demands attention and exudes confidence.

Staying on the theme, I’ve also chosen a few pairs of shoes, one pair of black knee-high boots. They’re not only stylish but also, knowing TOTEME quality incredibly comfortable, making them a staple in my wardrobe next season. Also, a pair of black croc pumps that instantly elevate any look with their unexpected twist.

One of TOTEME’s all-time winners are my jeans, which I wear over and over again. They simply have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ factor, effortlessly complementing everything. They’re snug where they should be and loose where they need to be. You’ll notice them in many of my outfits. A favourite of mine!

Next up is the embroidered wool-blend scarf jacket, which we were all crazy about when it first came out in grey. The shade I often wear in colder months is Chocolate Melange. Its cozy warmth and chic design make it a must-have for transitioning between seasons.

As I mentioned earlier, they have an incredible range of knit sweaters and tops. Their simple design makes you feel effortlessly put together, yet casual if necessary. And let’s just start talking about the quality… . The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every piece, making each one a timeless investment.

Keeping in mind their bags, from smaller evening ones to everyday totes. They just have it all, what can I say? It’s no surprise that TOTEME has become a go-to brand for me, and I’m sure once you experience their pieces, you’ll understand why.



xoxo, Tamara

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