26 Feb, 2024

What’s in my travel bag

This month more than ever, I’ve been in dire need of a well-organized and compact travel bag. So, I thought why not give you a glimpse of exactly that that. My current go-to travel companion is THE ROW Soft Margaux 17 suede tote bag. I just recently bought it and you know I have it in brown; that was my first buy. In fact you can read more about the bag itself here. It’s quite spacious and roomy, accommodating plenty of my necessities and all of those absolutely unnecessary things we love to carry. I primarily gauge its size based on whether my laptop fits, and this bag passes that test with flying colours. When not used as a travel bag, it still comes in handy for running errands around town. In fact I prefer it as a daily bag when it’s half empty because even when it’s not fully loaded, it can be slung over the body, slightly crumpled, yet still exuding that effortlessly chic vibe. This leather absolutely refuses to crease, so sleep tight and dont worry it will be ever gorgeous for years to come.

THE ROW Soft Margaux 17 bag

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The content of the bag

Now, let’s dive into the bag’s contents, shall we? As I mentioned earlier, my laptop is an essential part of every trip, no matter how long it lasts; I always tuck it into the burgundy Goyard laptop case. Also, I carry my AirPods Max everywhere, while we’re on tech, we definitely need to include a camera, and my phone, it’s quite obvious why is always with me. Essential items include the black leather Chanel card holder and a passport holder made of the same material. In terms of cosmetics, I like to have a  hand sanitizer and a hand cream , as the airplane air can be very dry, which is why I also carry Sarah Chapman Skinesis overnight facial in my carry-on. I can’t praise this thing enough. When it comes to longer flights, or even shorter ones, I always bring some makeup in travel-size packaging. Lately, that’s definitely Prada lipstick in shade B101 as well as their new eyeshadow palette. And lastly, to feel super fresh and clean, I bring my new favourite fragrance Grand Soir.

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xoxo, Tamara

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