7 Feb, 2024

Tokyo Vintage Shopping – Guide


Back in August I had the chance to visit Tokyo together with Audemars Piquet and it was one of my most memorable trips from 2023. I truly had such a good time spending it with my favourite people, in an impressive city like Tokyo. It was a true  dream come true.

I knew immediately that I wanted to dive in to the world of vintage shopping while there. Some of the worlds most popular vintage stores are located in capital of Japan and if you take your time, you will find some great pieces. I have to admit that I have never received so many questions about something as I did to show you where and what I shopped while in Tokyo. So lets discuss all I learned while vintage hunting in Tokyo.

I did my research but ended up strolling around different areas and visiting whatever seemed pleasant to the eye. In this post I am showing you a few favourites of mine and also everything I bought. Since it’s been quite some time I am also gonna share how much of a use I got out of my vintage pieces.

All of those I visited are located in the same area so you can also take your time and switch between the places. The prices vary depending how rare the piece is. I am more than happy with all of my purchases and I really had such a great time finding my treasures.



QOO Vintage Tokyo has two floors filled with vintage designer goodies. There are about 2000 products and I could especially find a lot of Chanel Ready-To-Wear and a lot of vintage Louis Vuitton. It’s all really neatly organised and they even offer tax-free shopping (pretty much like everywhere else in Japan) if you bring your passport along. My personal favourite was this Louis Vuitton pencil case and this Chanel Grand Shopping tote. Filippo loved this brown Chanel bag.

I ended up buying the Chanel bag  and I already used it so much for travelling. The size is perfect to hold all my travel essentials and it’s so easy to carry. I paid around 3000 euro for this bag and thought that was an incredible purchase that will last a lifetime.



Amore Vintage has been quite popular on TikTok, so you should definitely expect a queue. It is located across the street from QOO Vintage and there is a possibility to book an appointment online, in order to skip the queue. They are known for their huge selection of Chanel bags. Almost every Chanel bag you ever wanted to own can be found in this store. I loooved this velvet Chanel. This store did not feel really like a treasure hunt, because everything is exhibited more in like a museum and the prices are a little bit more expensive, compared to the other stores.

There is also a second Amore Vintage store in the same street, which specialises in vintage Hermes bags, I also went there to check the selection. They had quite rare pieces, but nothing that really sparked my eye. Overall I think this place is slightly overhyped.


CREDIT - Courtesy of Camellia Vintage

Camellia Vintage is a gem in Tokyo, they offer a curated selection of items that span various areas. I really loved to see different styles from all different eras of fashion and they even had vintage flapper dresses. My friends found lots of good pieces there, from classic flaps to some more cool and unique pieces. The price range of pieces was also pretty good.


CREDIT - Courtesy of PARADISE Vintage

Paradise Vintage Tokyo dazzled with its meticulously organized displays, featuring an entire wall adorned with vintage Chanel bags. The staff is also super nice and they have a lot of knowledge about the bags. They also had a few beautiful Hermes bags.


CREDIT - Courtesy of Casanova Vintage

CREDIT - Courtesy of Casanova Vintage

Last store on our vintage tour was CASANOVA Vintage. They are divided into two different stores, one for Ready to wear and one for handbags only. This was Filippos favourite, because they had a lot of rare Chrome Hearts pieces. I adored this Goyard suitcase, it was honestly in a great condition. They also carried a lot of matching Chanel sets, which are quite rare to find and so many Hermes bags in great condition.

In this store I bought this Chanel mini and I have been wearing it non stop since. Even though it is small, it adds an eye catcher to every outfit and the condition is also perfect. I ever since totally loved this purchase and it was just under 2000euro. I wore it so many times that it was truly the best souvenir from Japan.

Overall I am so happy with my purchases and I would recommend you guys all of these five stores. Let me tell you, each of them is truly an experience.

Please let me know, if you will visit any of these stores and also which pieces you like the most!


xo xo Tamara

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