12 Feb, 2024

Jewellery I Have Been Wearing On Repeat


Presenting some of the most frequently worn jewelry from my collection. For those following my journey, certain pieces have become near-permanent fixtures. ITs true that I tend to mix and match or change these, but it all depends just on my mood and vibe.

The Cartier necklace Filippo gifted me— besides the emotional touch its something I just love more than any other piece. It seamlessly layers with all my necklaces, always achieving a perfect look. Van Cleef pieces, too, hold a special place in my collection specially as I enjoy the colourful stones.


Chopard is a brand which I have been working with for quite some time and I love their sparkling diamonds.Their happy hearts collection has so many cute pieces to elevate your wrist and hands and also is a nice touch of colour.

Brands such as Missoma and Monica Vinader are a great option to try out different styles and invest in fun pieces. Golden hoops and a necklace from Missoma are personal favorites, and for a burst of color, I recently added an earpiece to my collection, loving its look.

This elephant from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has also been with me for a while. This show stopping piece always gets so many compliments and makes an outfit complete.

All of these pieces seem kind of like a reflection of my mood and general vibe im feeling at the given time. Sometimes I wear more earrings, other times I prefer necklaces, nothing is set in stone and I really love playing with jewellery. Please let me know which one you love the most and if you would mix silver and gold?

I am eager to hear about your wishlist and your most worn pieces!




xo xo Tamara

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