19 Feb, 2024

Hermès Shadow Clutch Review

The story behind mine

It was a beginning of an end. That was exactly how I felt the moment I got my hands on that bag. Of course, here we are talking about Hermés Birkin Shadow Clutch in colour Beige Marfa. If you already watched the vlog, you know that I got this bag as a surprise gift from Filippo one morning in Dubai. Today after more than a month of owning it I would like to give you my honest review, but first shall we talk about the origin? It was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier in 2009 to imitate Birkin’s hardware, without having the hardware itself, which means that it is very versatile and it can be combined very easily. Silver or gold, you name it. The outline is pretty much the same as we can see. 

To clarify, in the start I was referring to the softness of the leather and the way it embraced minimalism at its finest. It has supple texture like no else. Step inside, and you’ll find the interior cocooned in the velvety embrace of swift tonal leather—a silent testament to Birkin’s unparalleled elegance. It also has an open wall pocket and plenty of space if we consider that this is one primarily evening bag.  My bag had its first night out on the town right on New Year’s Eve. I felt it was the perfect night, occasion and the outfit. 

About the Hermés Shadow Clutch Bags

The bag can be carried by hand, or worn under armpit considering the fact that it does’t possess a handle.


Height: 12.5 cm / 4.92 inches 

Width: 29 cm / 11.42 inches  

Depth: 3.5 cm / 1.38 inches

Colours Available 

Hermés Pochette Birkin offers a curated selection of colours, it is known for its deliberate restraint in the colour palette, further enhancing its exclusivity.

Overall impression

In conclusion, my experience with the Hermés Birkin Shadow Clutch in Beige Marfa has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment it came into my possession, it has captured my heart and elevated my every ensemble. Versatility, combined with the timeless elegance of Birkin’s hardware, makes it a true wardrobe staple.

Despite its lack of handles, the option to carry it by hand or under the armpit adds to its allure, while its restrained colour palette only enhances its exclusivity. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the Hermés Shadow Clutch to anyone seeking a timeless piece that effortlessly complements any outfit.




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