8 Jan, 2024

Ways To Improve Your Life in 2024

New year – new me, right? Well, I believe more in taking small steps to self improvement every day, but January is the perfect time in case you want to make any changed to your routine of lifestyle. It is not too late and if you ask me today is always the perfect day to start.Usually I am off working until the 8th of ?January after which I feel fully recharged and ready to work. I have had so much rest and time to plan out this year, so I wanted to share it with you and hopefully help some of you reach the goals in 2024.


Trust me when I tell you this is the key to a calm organised life – I use about 3 different planners every day, and I am not sure how I would be able to do anything without them. Start each day with making a checklist of what you have to do that day and it will make everything so much easier already. I sometimes even make plans for each day of the week if I have a clear vision of everything I need to do. There is something about physically writing a task down with a pen, that makes your brain so much more focused on completing it – at least for me. You know what they say – a problem written down is already a problem half solved.

Even if we exclude the “work life” it is so important to spend time by yourself, write down thoughts, emotions, things you would like to happen in the future. Dont be afraid to dream, if you can imagine it – you can achieve it.



This is a hard one for me when the travel kicks in but despite the lack of routine it’s something I would like to stick to in 2024. It is not that I don’t enjoy a workout, it is more that I rarely have an hour in my day to do it(when we think about fashion week that is). What helps me a lot is buying home workout equipment – recently got a treadmill, some pilates accessories, so that means I don’t have any more excuses. Now of course, if you are already advanced in workouts, lift weights, have a routine, a home workout will probably not be enough for you, but still I think it is good to start small for those who are trying to maintain a new habit.

If you are lacking motivation to start a workout routine, also start by writing it down and shop some new cute gym wear, that will surely get you going.



This year is definitely the year for taking care of ourselves. The word “self care” has a different meaning for all of us, for some that might be going out with friends, going to the movies by yourself, taking care of your mental health… For me this just happens to be a self care day or evening if the time doesn’t allow me more. I like to apply all my hair oils, serums and masks, hydrate my skin, take a nice long relaxing shower, cook some pasta and watch a movie. There is absolutely nothing better I can think of than this. If you don’t have a habit of doing it, I strongly suggest you start, maybe start with a Sunday, as I feel like it gives you a kind of ” weekly reset” so that you are ready and rested for Monday.

Taking care of yourself doesnt need to take a day, it can also be 40min on a day – but it’s important to give ourselves a little something to refresh the busy mind.



Im a messy person, but my stuff is pretty organised in a way that I always know where everything is. Ever since I heard the phrase “What your space looks like, is how the inside of your head looks like.” I have really made an effort to try and keep it as tidy as possible. I do have to admit Filippo is usually in charge of that, but other than just keeping it tidy, we like our home to be nicely decorated and aesthetic to the eye. Our home is a mix of cosy and modern, and I believe it is so important to come home to a space where you feel you best and love it. I have linked some items that I believe would make any home look better.

Having space around me is so crucial also for my mental health. I strongly advise it.


And lastly, what might be the most important thing of all: don’t be too hard on yourself. Start with small improvements, start with one thing at a time, you don’t have to become a whole new person in a month. Maybe take on one of the “changes” in your lifestyle per month, and by the end of the year you will see how far you have gotten.

xo xo Tamara

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