17 Jan, 2024

Accessories That Will Spice Up Any Outfit


If there is one thing that I believe can change a whole look is a right accessory. Even when I did not have the means to buy designer ready to wear pieces, I would save up for an accessory and then match it with high-street clothing. High and low, it always worked so well and made outfits look more put together. I have decided to dedicate a blog post to some of my favourite accessories on the market currently, that you can use to spice up any outfit.

Let’s start with items that will keep you warm, but still looking cool(you see what I did there?). When it comes to scarves I have so many in my collection because they are so versatile and a cute scarf can make even the most basic coat look really expensive and chic. My favourites are definitely the classics – Loewe and Acne Studios, but I also love a simple no logo neutral scarf and I found the perfect one from Joseph.

Moving on to hats and gloves, this year I’ve really been into them more than any other year, I’ve worn mostly hats from Miu Miu and Acne Studios and I can not recommend them enough. Gloves are a bit tricky for me as I have to use my phone through most of my day, but if I would commit to some, they would be the Prada.

Sunglasses are my everyday must have, I rarely leave the house without them and I picked out some new styles that made it to my wish list as well as some that I already own. If you get one item from this post, I think you can not go wrong with any of the sunglasses. You know I have a problem as I tend to buy them still even though my sunglass drawer can barely close.

And lastly, fashion jewellery. I’ve been getting more and more into it, especially Saint Laurent earrings and Repossi rings.

If you are looking for affordable accessories, I made a section dedicated to that as well.



xo xo Tamara

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