31 Dec, 2023

Yearly Review 2023

This year I spoke to myself a little bit more than usually. Hold on, that sounds a little bit weird doesn’t it? What I mean is that I took a lot more time to reflect on things I did, things I am dreaming of and give them the right importance. One of my big goals was to stop running on autopilot and I think I successfully implemented it considering how non present we can be at certain times. There is this famous quote that I would like to use at the beginning of this post. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift and that’s why it’s called present. It’s something I am strongly being guided by but at the same time this post will be a look into the past 365 days so that we can really learn from those pages and stay on track for the next 365 all while being fully present in the moment.

Before I start breaking the year into segments I would like to say that I would remember this year forever for some incredibly special moments but one that takes the crown is the romantic getaway in Ravello during which Filippo proposed. I don’t think I have to explain more, it was the most beautiful trip of my life with such an incredible life changing events. I never even dreamt that being engaged to the love of my life would feel this way. It’s almost surreal.


2023 was a true testament of years of love put into work, relentlessly working on the big goals which resulted in collaborations with: Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Audemars Piguet, Dior, MiuMiu, Dolce Gabbana, Valentino, Givenchy, Chanel Beauty, Loewe, Max Mara, OffWhite, Chaumet, Chopard, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Armani, Dyson and many more. I travelled the world with some of my partners and for the first time visited China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Poland.

I started the year in Dubai as many of you probably remember and I think it was one of the most relaxing breaks I had and a great way to recharge before a year full of challenges. We made some new friends which is actually the reason why we are yet again finishing a year exactly where we started. There is almost something so strange in ending the year exactly where you started it an odd 360 later.

For my followers who love numbers, I say same place but 300 000 followers more on Instagram, 150 000 more on TikTok and 50 000 subscribers more on YouTube. We sent 54 newsletters, published 130 blog posts and 123 long format videos on YouTube, 331 Instagram post and 250 TikToks and 165 YouTube Short videos. If you don’t count stories that is 1053 publications in one year.


This year I also gave myself more into therapy and life coaching, finding help to process everything that is going on in my life was so important and helped me face some incredibly valuable life lessons that I was constantly brushing off or hiding under the carpet. It helped me understand better things that I knew, things that we all know when we say them, read them or write them down, but to know something and to actually understand it are two different things. I understood that people always judge from their own perspective and that if someone is judging you unfairly it’s something to do with them not with you. At the same time I understood something we all know very well – there will always be people that smile to your face but do something really cruel behind it, again I knew this since forever but finally made peace with it in 2023. At the same time I learned that my small circle of friends and loved ones beats any problem that life can bring, that love wins no matter what situation is and to always put my energy into nurturing those healthy relationships instead of dwelling over those that didn’t work out.


End of January I went to Paris for Haute Couture and I remember those days for breaking the internet with hose Valentino clear platform heels, everybody wanted them and truly they are a masterpiece. I froze in Paris running from show to show but it was so worth it because I love Paris at this time of the year. It’s quiet and a little bit whimsical.  I got my Hermes Cargo bag in January and it’s probably my favourite bag of the whole collection, yep a bold statement.

February came and I don’t have to remind you how fast that month goes by. It’s not just because its shorter but oh wow fashion week just swallows the month in its entirety. NY, London, Milan and Paris later I attended around 50 fashion shows, numerous events, so many outfit changes. It was marked by Gucci’s Studio show and Dolce Gabbana dinner with Kim Kardashian.I attended my first Givenchy show and before you knew it it was March.


March is always special as I love my birthday. I am not afraid of aging simply because I do so much every year that time is always used wisely. However on this years birthday I got an offer I could not refuse. Gucci Beauty asked me to be part of their online campaign shot on the day itself 16th of March. At first I wanted to stick by my rule of not working on my day, but this was really special. I know that sometimes influencers throw around the world campaign for every single ad on instagram, but being a part of an actual campaign is a huge honour. We shot whole day long in a studio in New York and the results were incredible. Two days after my trip to New York I celebrated my Birthday and then flew to China via Singapore with my childhood best friend. This was a trip to remember – we went with Michael Kors and it was the first time I visited China in my life.


In April we went to Mumbai and I know I always say this but India has such a special place in my heart because it opens my mind and puts me in such a good emotional space. I loved how vibrant was Mumbai and experiencing it with Filippo was special. We went straight to Maldives for a romantic break and then went back to work fully recharged. I went on a wholesome trip with Dior for the opening of their spa in Hotel du Cap Eden Roc where I got back into journaling, a habit I really love. April was just the beginning of travel months and I went to Shaghai with Gucci for their Cosmos exhibition which I strongly recommend as its mind blowing, right after that we went to Seoul for Louis Vuitton Pre Fall collection. This was my first time in South Korea and I was so eager to visit as Filippo told me so much about it.


May continued in the same pace. Lots of cruise shows. Back to Seoul for Gucci, then Lago Maggiore for LV, ending the month in Monaco for Grand Prix with Michael Kors, This is when Filippo told me I have been travelling too much and he wants to organise a relaxing anniversary weekend for me. You guys know the story so I wont repeat it, but a romantic proposal was nowhere on my mind. I have to say that if I was to plan a proposal for myself I wouldn’t be able to plan something like that, he did everything in such a perfect way by asking my parents for hand in marriage and then organising all of this for me. I wish I knew I was getting proposed to haha, just because I would have taken time off after to truly enjoy the feeling, but I was swiftly back on the road, going to Portofino with Jacquemus and Dolce Gabbana in Capri. The truth is I never felt more love in my life, Everyone around me was so supportive and kind, that amount of love was just like living in a dream. I then had another beautiful family event for which I went back to Serbia . Filippo loves my home country and we had so many things to celebrate that I will cherish this time forever. After that I went to Rome with Valentino and Florence with Luisa Via Roma, but you could smell summer around the corner. I felt that soon I will be off and wanted to give my absolute best before the deserved break.


Chanel invited me to Mykonos, and even if I am not your ultimate Mykonos girly, I am indeed a Chanel girly. I cannot explain to you how beautiful it is to be able to work with one of my favourite brands in the world. This trip was magical because again I got to bring my childhood best friend and that is something I want to do more in 2024. She supports me, helps with my work and understands one step ahead how to facilitate everything I need to do my job in best possible way. In July Filippo and I organised a weekend in Capri with Xenia and Juergen, I got my first exotic Hermes bag and ate the best food one can imagine. Capri is probably my favourite destination and I spent lots of time there this year. I believe I went back and forth 4 or 5 times in total.

July Couture usually marks the end of the race, just like the January one marks the beginning. I was ready to put my running shoes away after a set of shows, a trip to Saint Tropez with Audemars Piguet and a Montreux Jazz festival which for me was a first. I learned I really love Switzerland also in the summer. Maybe AP my favourite watch brand has something to do with it.

Before heading to the beach and deciding to enjoy summer my Marie Claire print cover came out. I was so proud of this one because I curated all the looks from brands like Valentino, Magda Butrym, MiuMiu and more.


Our summer holidays went by so fast, but it was a mix of enjoying the free time and celebrating our engagement, we spent most of the time in South Of France, Amalfi Coast and finished it off in Monaco and Portofino. This summer gets 10/10 from me.

We went back to work with a magical trip to Japan with Audemars Piguet. For the first time in my life I did a shoot for Vogue which I think most of you would have seen by now as it was all over Vogue’s instagram. I loved Tokyo so much, went vintage shopping, ate best burger in the world and just fell in love with AP all over again if that’s even possible. This summer I also got my dream Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Off Shore which was on my vision board since January.


We all know what September means, back in the fashion game. I wanted to make it stronger than ever and succeeded with attending some shows for the first time ever: Dion Lee, Loewe, Boss, Ferragamo, Tom Ford, projects, shows, events and numerous other outings that we have already recapped on the blog. Right after I flew to Girona with Mytheresa and Rabanne and I loved revisiting Salvador Dali’s home and museum. Few weeks later and I was on the road with Mytheresa again, this time for Magda Butrym and I was in Poland for the first time. Truly magical country with wonderfully kind people. Filippo and I took another break in Maldives and you guys saw my suitcase was inspired by the trip to Poland. We rested before the final kick of the year.


Galas, events, dinners. I hosted my first bridal event with Elie Saab and attended a charity Gala with Valentino. In November I organised a first team bonding trip to French Alps and we really used this time well to get to know each other but it was also so good to understand better strengths and weaknesses of my team.  Not sure if I ever properly announced this but we also found a venue for our wedding, I just saw it and knew that it was EXACTLY what I wanted. Things started moving and before you knew it it was December. Filippo and I were invited by LV to come to London and celebrate the Christmas tree in Claridge’s, we flew to Vienna for MiuMiu and recreated iconic Gustav Klimt Painting in Belvedere Museum. I started daily vlogging and haven’t stopped talking most of the December.

MY first YSL trip happened in the first week of December and we went to Paris , followed by St Moritz ski weekend. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed this December. Trip after trip with daily vlogging was exhausting but worth every second of pure enjoyment.


I learned so much from this year that will be implemented in the next but as much as I agree that yesterday is history, its important to turn back and look at ups and downs without dwelling or resenting. Celebrate yourself, learn for your better self and enjoy every second of every challenge that life brings. We will come renewed on the other side of the tunnel. Happy New Year my favourite people!!!

xoxo, Tamara

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