22 Dec, 2023

Winter Season Handbag Favourites


Surely this will not surprise you at all, but I have been in a bag shopping mood lately. Besides my never ending Hèrmes and Chanel wish list, I wanted to purchase some more “winter” appropriate bags. As you can tell by this post and also recent outfits I wore, brown is the colour of the season (for me at least). Browsing the online shops and adding items to my cart gave me the inspiration to write a blog post about the best bags of the season. Nobody asked, but can I just share what kind of bags I ve been into this winter?

First and foremost the bag that deserves all the hype this season and one of my latest additions to the collection – The Row Margaux. Love this bag so much I have written a whole blog post about it, in case you would like to find out more before purchasing. Another bag that I was wearing so much I had to write a whole post about was definitely the Loewe Squeeze bag, which I initially got in a burgundy colour, but am thinking about getting the tan as well. What do you think, should I go for it? This bag sold out immediately as it was one of the most successful selling bags of 2023. I think Loewe never gets it wrong.

 Another most worn bag this year is the Alaïa heart bag which I own in red and silver, but this studded black version has also caught my eye recently – and it’s a perfect festive season piece.  Cannot forget my never ending Saint Laurent wish list and the Lyia quilted tote and the sleek Tanky shoulder bag.

Of course this all goes without mentioning that my letter to Santa includes a nice little list of Hermès bags – but thats nothing new, right? Check out some of my other favourites this season.


xo xo Tamara

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