1 Dec, 2023


Hello my favourite people! In this post, I’m going to talk you through some of the gift ideas I prepared for your loved ones. Hope that you will find Christmas Gift inspiration right here, and in case you dont celebrate or have a habit of doing Christmas gifts, you might as well find something for yourself.

Gifts for Accessories Lover

 One of the best gifts you can get for your stylish friend is a fun accessory. Whether it is a pair of cool sunglasses, cosy scarf for the colder months or a new sparkling jewellery piece, I have got you covered. Some of the items on this list are definitely on my wish list at the moment, and here are some items you can shop at any price point.

Missoma is always a wonderful option for Christmas gifting that I personally love and wear their pieces through out the year. Their prices are not astronomical and you can find something on their website for every budget.

As you can see, cherry red is everywhere at the moment, and what better accessory to get than the Miu Miu sling back heels of the forever favourite Saint Laurent 5 to 7 bag?


Beauty Aficionado

Ever since I was old enough to wear makeup, my beauty wish list has been never ending. Such a simple gift for pretty much anyone that likes skincare and makeup, as it is much easier to shop for than clothing.

You’re in luck if you’re buying for a beauty enthusiast. The price point for their gift varies, and it’s really simple to make them pleased. You may truly get creative here, from a little lip balm to an electrical device for the face. Or you don’t have to because I took care of everything for you.

The only drawback is that, despite my best efforts, I ended up adding a lot of goods to my basket even though I know I don’t need them. The problem with us self-care enthusiasts is that we constantly need more and more of these items.

As far as fragrances go, it is a bit tricky to buy for someone else, but I believe everyone would fall in love with the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. Don’t want to risk it? Go for the NuFace toning device which is surely high up on the wish list for any skin care enthusiast.


For Him

Every single year I am so excited to buy a gift for Filippo (and of course my male friends and family members), but it is harder to hide them when you live with the person. Me being the kind of person who can not be quiet about a gift once I have it, I like to online shop or pick the items up in stores just days before Christmas. Whether you are a woman or a man, I am sure you have a special guy in your life. Not necessarily romantically, but you know there are some men who deserve gifts this season.

I created a gift guide for every budget, whether the man in your life needs a new wallet, some new socks (which by the way, you can never go wrong with), some new clothes or decorations for his apartment. If you and your partner like yo go all out with gifts for Christmas, there are some more expensive pieces as well.

Either way remember that when buying for partners its best to listen to their needs and getting creative. Take him out for a cute cinema night also counts as a great gift if you ask me.

Treat Him

Ultimate Homebody

I have to admit – I do turn into a homebody once the colder months get here. Any day that I am not on a work trip or don’t have work obligations, I will make sure to spend at home. Getting your home cosy is one of the best parts of the season if you ask me. That is why I tend to shop for even more blankets and loungewear. Rest assured we all have at least one friend in our lives who would much rather stay at home on a Friday night, and here is what you can buy them this Christmas.

I created a list full of top trending pieces that the homebody in your life doesn’t have yet, vases, slippers, new pyjamas and of course – candles. Diptyque is a brand that you can not go wrong with, as the candles not only smell amazing but will add a decorative touch to any room.

Homebody Gifts

Under £50

Just like I have my Shopping Under £100 page on this blog I also wanted to create an Under £50 gift guide that will help you find cute gifts, but on a budget. Whether you are shopping for Secret Santa at your work place, or just decided to set a budget this year with your friends, you will surely find the perfect gift here. What I think is also a great option is getting a few of these “smaller” gifts, and wrapping them up as a gift basket, or using them as stocking stuffers.

Get your friend a new cosy sweater or hat, along with a new lipgloss you know they will love (and I can assure you they will love the Charlotte Tilbury one), a small hand cream, and you are more than good to go.

Shop Gifts On a Budget

Have you already started your Christmas shopping? What will you be buying this year?

xoxo, Tamara

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