8 Dec, 2023

Cosy Outfit Inspiration


This time of the year where it gets cold, there are no fashion weeks and I do not have to be dressed up every day, I like to be comfortable and cosy. Surely you know that in my books comfort doesn’t mean lack of chicness, instead those two can totally go hand in hand. If you follow my YouTube channel you might know how much I love staying at home when I get the chance, in my cashmere sets and wool socks, with a coffee in my hand.

Well, lately I had a few days like that and it inspired me to write this post. I would also like to add there is no need for these to be just home clothing, as I think it looks so cute paired with an oversized maxi coat which makes for even more warmth and comfort. If you get really cold I also picked out some of my favourite hats, scarves and gloves, so you can really get cosy.

For my knits, you know there is nothing like a Khaite sweater or cardigan, I basically wear them a few times a week in the winter months. Lately I have also been loving The Row sweaters and for anyone who is looking for a more affordable option, COS has great cashmere pieces.

The Row trousers are the most amazing quality and material, I have also been wearing Extreme Cashmere and LilySilk a lot through the years, for me it doesn’t get much better than those. Again, if you are looking for an affordable piece, I have recently got a pair from COS and they are great as well.

Check out my favourite coats, trousers, coats and some other accessories which can all be combined together. What are the cosy brands you enjoy wearing? You know I always like to discover something new.






xo xo Tamara

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