11 Nov, 2023

Uggs Boots – Complete Guide


When Bella Hadid was spotted walking the streets of New York in September of last year, she was sporting a striking ensemble that quickly went viral on social media. The main statement of her ensemble were a redesigned pair of Ugg classic small platform boots, which had a new, substantial two-inch outsole. Wait I second I said – I remember the Ugg trend from 2010 and the craze they caused back in my university days – but I also remember the moment when they were almost not socially acceptable, unless you had a valid excuse.

Now that we established that we can confirm it’s not the first time Ugg has created a shoe that’s on everyone’s wish-list. Ugg boots peaked in popularity in the 2000s, so the current craze for them is more of a comeback story than a star-born one. The shoe was designed with maximum comfort in mind and anyone that has ever worn them can agree that is exactly what they are. Ohhh the cosy and warm feeling when you put a pair on is unbeatable.

Last year I have purchased my first pair of the ultra mini platform Uggs and I must say I have gotten my wear of them. Recently, I also purchased a pair of platform Tazz Uggs in London and I can not wear to style them. These Uggs will only get more popular and as I know how hard it is to get your hands on a pair, I searched the web to find some sites that sell them. Happy Cosy Shopping!




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