3 Nov, 2023

Favourite Hèrmes Bags Online Currently

Very recently I have purchased my first pre-loved vintage Hèrmes bag, that did not come directly from a shop, but rather a verified re-seller. I really wanted a Kelly 25 in box leather, and although I have been offered one in the boutique, the vintage look was what I was after. While searching for my perfect bag, I came across a lot of bags that caught my eye, so I decided to prepare this blog post for anyone who doesn’t care about boutique shopping as much.

Although I love my Birkins, Kellys and Constances, I have also been seeing a lot of other, less popular styles of Hèrmes bags, that caught my eye. If you decide to get these in a store, there is also one good thing – it will be a non-quota bag but will add a lot to your “Hèrmes resume”. The “Hèrmes” game, as they like to call it, where you have to work hard to be offered a Kelly or a Birkin is something I enjoy. However, I know a lot of people are not a fan of it as it can get really difficult, especially if you are trying to get it while travelling. Taking that into consideration, I do understand why purchasing from a reseller is popular, especially if there is a specific bag you want.



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