10 Oct, 2023

Wardrobe Staples to Invest In – At Every Price Point


Classic pieces are, in my opinion, the most important items in ones wardrobe. No matter how many trendy pieces you have, the ones that truly make the difference are in fact those that you reach for over and over again without seeming repetitive. Those pieces are usually well made, can last a decade and are what we call timeless. Personally I think that they are usually marketed at a slightly higher price point, but can be found (if you search well) on high street as well. I ve done the search for you, so dont worry!

Maybe you’ve found you have more clothes than you actually need after switching from spring and summer attire to winter; perhaps you’ve made too many impulsive purchases that you’ve since forgotten about, or it’s just time to go through some items that have been sitting in your closet, unworn, for far too long. It could be time for a wardrobe reset, and here are all the items you need to start this process.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe, was all the rage not too long ago. The capsule wardrobe seemed to be the answer to everyone’s fashion problems, maybe because it was introduced at the same time that a frenetic decade of fast fashion was wreaking havoc on peoples closets. The idea of it is to curb the ultimate female frustration of  “I have nothing to wear”.

Investing in items of high quality is something I strongly stand behind. I love purchasing items that will last me many years to come, but I do think its important for everyone to be able to access them. In this post I choose some basics you absolutely need to start your winter wardrobe, for different sized budgets.


xo xo Tamara

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