16 Oct, 2023

Hair Care For Colder Days


In only a matter of days we will be going from warm end-of-summer weather into cold days. Your beauty routine might start to shift as you prepare for the colder months of the year but the season change might affect other aspects of your life. Your Saturday night ritual now includes cups of hot tea, a book, a blanket, and your favourite candle – at least mine certainly does.

I have already realised that my hair needs new care as the weather cools down and I’m not mad about it because I thoroughly enjoy this self care moment.

I have put together some winter hair care ideas to help you combat the chilly weather and keep your locks fresh, healthy, and hydrated all season long. Winter weather will unavoidably imply a little different hair care. Although I like to keep my hair care routine heavy through the summer months as well, in winter I seem to change it up with more of a methodical approach caring for scalp head, ends and internal aspect of it more.

In the colder months there are some factors that affect our hair health, without even properly realising it. The occasional air drying of the hair is now not possible(at least for me), so we are using more heat. Perhaps you are enjoying more hot showers which add to the damaging of the hair.Hair shine is something I focus on a lot as I tend to get frizzier in winter months. One painful but useful thing I recommend is that if you haven’t already – don’t forget to get that post summer cut, that might help out a lot with split ends and all the damage sun and salt water has added to.


xo xo Tamara

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