8 Sep, 2023

What I Am Packing With Me To New York


It is the beginning of fashion month and that means a lot of packing and repacking. First on the list is as always packing for New York, which also happens to be my London wardrobe afterwards. I always like to get inspired by the city on what to bring with me. Now as you might know, I get dresses by the brands when I am going to the fashion show, which means I get to pick my own outfit from the previous collection and I get sent the “samples” from the brand to wear to the show. This is why my suitcase is then mostly accessories, bags, shoes and some daytime outfits, that are usually very easy to put together, as well as some evening dresses – fashion month is also a month of networking so there is usually always a dinner planned after the day of shows.

A little sneak peak into my suitcase – there is this new Bottega Veneta Jodie bag in brown and blue that I am obsessed with! The moment I laid my eyes on it, I had to order, and I think it will become more and more popular, so make sure to get your hands on it before it is sold out. I am also bringing my latest obsession, which is my Loro Piana pouch as it is so simple and elegant to style. Of course I will be bringing some of my Kellys and Birkin bags, but that is by now the usual.

For my shoes I like to bring my favourite heels that are easy to style but still not too basic. My Alaïa heart heels are a must always, and last season I brought my nude pair with me, while this time around it will be my white pair. My Ferragamo heels that I got engaged in instantly became my favourite, and I love the modern design they have. And lastly, if I could pack all my Saint Laurent heels, I would, but this season I will decide on the brown sandals, and I might add some more into my suitcase just before I leave.

Clothing wise I will definitely be bringing my WARDROBE.NYC set in white this time, and I have been enjoying pairing the vest with the skirt lately. Then some evening pieces as I mentioned, this Saint Laurent top with sleeves will be the star of the show as well as the Bottega Veneta black dress, which I can not wait to wear.


xo xo Tamara

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