31 Jul, 2023

Chanel 31 Le Rouge And Visiting Coco Chanel’s Apartment


During my time in Paris this month, I had a very special opportunity to visit Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment and at the same time got presented the brand new Chanel Beauty product, so read all about my day with Chanel in this post.


There once lived a woman whose audacious vision led to a significant change in beauty practices, routines, and attitudes. She made simplicity the ultimate luxury by fusing aesthetics and functionality into her designs, combining elegance and comfort, and giving the CHANEL look a distinctive identity all its own. A pioneering designer developed a classic yet contemporary look whose enduring relevance is a never-ending source of fascination.

GABRIELLE CHANEL, whose avant-garde-inspired, revolutionary works dared to challenge the status quo and pursue a path toward the highest, most moral form of luxury.


Along comes 31 Le Rouge, a work of art that, in keeping with the founding principles of the company, represents the absolute core of CHANEL Creation. It is the product of innovative excellence and offers the sophistication of a jewel, the technical features of a no-compromise design, the functionality of a formula created to satiate every need, and the precision of a distinctive color palette drawn from CHANEL history. Contrasting paradoxically with its extremely sturdy, visually arresting design, which reflects its strength and suggests timelessness, is the transparency of its case. Its name, which serves as the clearest indication of its singularity, was given after a particular address and serves as a symbol of extraordinary creativity that steadfastly defies passing fads.


By leveraging the rich history of the House to advance beauty toward an even more promising future, 31 LE ROUGE satisfies all present needs and anticipates those to come. Each element of 31 LE ROUGE challenges expectations and establishes new norms. It symbolizes the start of a fresh saga for beauty and design from the inside out. The future narrative.


The first glass-packaged lipstick from Chanel, 31 LE ROUGE is a prism of light. A tribute to the actual site of CHANEL creation, as well as a reflection of the avant-garde spirit of the House, its case has been faceted to resemble the mirrors that line the famous rue Cambon staircase in Paris. With 31 LE ROUGE, Chanel turns lipstick into an artistic work that combines technology and glassmaking prowess.

It took four years to transform the initially flimsy case into a robust one; this was a true technical accomplishment without sacrificing aesthetics. To create its sleek lines, CHANEL enlisted the help of a master glassmaker from Japan. In this, glass is used instead of more conventional materials. The 31 LE ROUGE case is set with two gold-colored metal rings whose proportions perfectly complement those of its delicate glass sides. The rings are cut like diamonds and are intended to be an emblem.


31 LE ROUGE is also a work of art that incorporates the history and color expertise of CHANEL. The House Makeup Creation Studio has created twelve shades with an intensely luminous satin finish, pigment by pigment. Micronized pigments are combined with oil, cellulose powder, and opalescent mother-of-pearl to create a long-lasting satin finish, bringing out the brilliance of each color. With the exacting precision of a haute couture garment, these 12 shades are selected from the House’s distinctive heritage. Some provide a glimpse into a particular period in Gabrielle Chanel’s life or a passion of hers. Others serve as a key to reveal information about one of her creations or summon one of her most cherished possessions.

This finishing touch, or more accurately, their raison d’être, adds to their exclusivity and makes them timeless classics, similar to N°5 or the tweed jacket, that will never be overtaken by fads. One of them is Rouge 2.55, a rich and elegant garnet that was influenced by the interior of a well-known handbag.


In the center of Paris, at 21 Rue Cambon, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel opened her first hat shop in 1910. Eight years later, she moved to larger quarters at 31 Rue Cambon. Since then, the 18th-century structure has played a crucial role in the operation of the house of Chanel by acting as a personal residence, a shop, and a couture atelier.

Chanel kept her clothes, accessories, and trademark No. 5 perfume on display on the ground floor all throughout her lifetime. A spacious reception area was used for private fittings and to display her creations one floor up. She reportedly watched her own collections from the fifth step of a mirrored staircase leading to her second-floor apartment, which was decorated in her trademark opulent style and where she entertained everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Salvador Dali.

The apartment features bold oriental architecture and is lavishly designed and decorated. From the angular, traditional copper-encrusted table to the exquisite camellia-shaped glass chandelier, which serves as the room’s focal point, the apartment is exquisite in every way. Although it appears very plain, the large suede sofa in a sandy yellow color reminiscent of a French beach radiates class and elegance. The old wooden bookcase that has been there for years and still retains its artistic value is particularly admirable. Each item in the apartment’s interior can be considered an exquisite masterpiece with a high level of artistic value that works together to create a remarkably comfortable, stylish, and opulent space.

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xoxo, Tamara

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