26 Jun, 2023

Vacation Shop – Beach Side Favourites


Summer is officially here, and although I have filled my wardrobe and wish list with many new pieces, there are also items that I have been wearing for a few summers in a row.

In this post I am showing you my classics that have been around for a while, as well as my favourite new collection items.


Beginning this post with none other than the piece that I have been wearing for as many summers as I can remember.

As you might know, I start wearing the Chypre Sherling sandal pretty early in the year, beginning of April – or as early as I can get away with it without freezing basically. Then as the days get warmer I switch to the all leather Chypre and finally the Oran sandal as well. I currently own many variations of both models, but I definitely experiment more with the Orans, colour wise. The Chypre sandal I like to keep in neutral colours – but the truth is they are also harder to get.

If you get one of the two I would totally choose Chypre, but they both tick many boxes.


Perhaps the hottest piece of this summer are all the new Loewe Raffia Beach Bags. From classic beige colours to bright pink ones, you are sure to find your favourite.

I have been loving the Saint Laurent and Prada raffia bags for a few years now if you are looking for a piece that will last you a few summers, you can find lots of fun options below.


My all time favourite for all seasons, but in the summer time there is never a week that goes by without me wearing an item from The Row.

If I told you in how many variations – from colour to materials I own the Gala trousers in, you would think I’m insane. For me it is the perfect summer, beach, day in the city, or even a chill dinner item.

The Ginza sandal will for me forever be the epitome of “Old Money” style that everyone is trying to achieve lately.

And the latest addition to my wardrobe is a black halter neck dress, that I wore in Florence and you will be able to see more in detail in my upcoming YouTube video,


The one brand which I can not stop myself from buying a new swim piece from, is definitely Chanel. I have enough of a variety of swim and bikinis from them as well other brands, but Chanel keeps me so amazed with their pieces year after year, that I can’t resist. Apart from swimsuits and bikinis, I also adore their hats, and I have to say I buy a hat from Chanel every year. Here are some of my favourites that I could find for you online.


And last but never least – Magda Butrym. I am doing a dedicated post to her dresses which I can’t get enough of, but in this post I wanted to show you my favourite swimwear pieces from her. I wear them every single summer, whether it’s a classic white one piece, or a striking red bikini. I also love the flower details that have now become quite a recognisable part of the brand, I think they add a lot to your regular bikini, but if you are in the mood for a toned down look, they can also be easily removed.


xo xo Tamara

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