1 Feb, 2023

Haute Couture Fashion Week Looks


Sometimes I feel like its all one big never ending Fashion Week – should be called a fashion year then, right? Truth be told before I worked in fashion I dreamed about going to fashion weeks and really loved seeing all the different outfits people wore. I still love that part, and even though it means a lot of freezing in SS collections in winter, I am ever so grateful for the job that I do.

This Haute Couture Fashion week I wore outfits from Valentino, Fendi, Giambattista Valli, Elie Saab and Gucci that you already saw in this post. I have few pictures from all these events so I wanted to share them with you and in case you like some, you can shop them so that we twin. I mean after all fashion is to have fun with right?


Fendi look is a SS23 look which isn’t all out yet – by that I mean I borrowed an outfit from the showroom because I really really loved it and I have to say these shoes are very flattering and very comfortable.

How do you like the colour green on me? Jacket was so soft, fuzzy and warmer than it actually looks.  Since these pieces aren’t out yet, I linked below ones that are closest to it.



This look even went viral on my TikTok . I completely see why, the dress, the bag and oh the shoes. If you thought you will escape the Valentino Platform in 2023, well, think again. These plexiglass, clear platforms are so flattering and oh so hot. VALENTINO SHOW was my ultimate excuse to wear something like this and Id be lying if I say I didn’t enjoy it.

Some of you liked the bow in the hair, the rest really disliked it – who would have thought that such a tiny detail could divide my audience? Well Im learning from you guys every single day.



Probably the warmest look of them all. I love anything feathery, but of course with the new a little bit more minimalistic Tamara in 2023, I prefer when they still look Chic like on this Elie Saab look. So what was underneath you might wonder? I wore my beloved Nensi Dojaka corset under with a classic black suit from Medeea.


xo xo Tamara

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