31 Dec, 2022

Yearly Review 2022

Im trying to go back in years and see when I started making these my tradition and honestly it seems not that long ago – but then I checked and the first time I ever wrote one was in 2011. Excuse me, what? That was exactly 12 years ago. I am so proud that I never gave up on this blog as its my absolute baby, its how everything started and I am sure some of you have been here since the very beginning.

So you might be wondering, 2022? How was it? Well it was a year that will forever be special for me for revealing my partner on social media – once and for all (hopefully), a year of diversity, a year when people are held more accountable for their deeds than ever and a year that we all learned what community truly means. We finally got a stable home and I travelled some far countries I only dreamt of until now. Let’s start breaking it in little bits and bobs so that we can go into more detail of what this all really meant for us.

I started the year in the most magical place I have ever visited – St. Barths with Xenia, Juergen and Filippo. This is the year I really set high goals for myself and I think that this good start helped me reach them all. I ll spoil it for you – I literally made all of my goals come true, and in such a weird way that I cannot even explain it. When it comes to financial goals, I made just few pounds more than what I intended, when it comes to personal growth I just managed to tick off some of the goals before the end of 2022. If you guys dont believe in setting clear goals, well let me tell you – this year was a proof that what you set your heart to do, you absolutely will. When I returned from St.Barths I continued regularly going to the gym and drinking water, taking supplements and meditating. This was a really big deal for me. In 2021 I was working closely with some incredible brands such as: Chopard, Audemars Piguet, Kerastase, Gucci Beauty, Gucci, Prada, Net-a-Porter, Mytheresa, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany& Co, Armani Beauty, Selfridges, Harrods, Erin, Brunello Cucinelli, Rene Caovilla, MaxMara and many others. It was a year of expanding my list of luxury clients, and I was beyond honoured to get to work with many of the leaders in luxury fashion.

I cut my fringe in February and that was the first time I did something like that in probably 15 years. In February I also shot my first ever project with Audemars Piguet (yep the one with Filippo) and started designing a shoe collection with Ricagno. I shot more projects than I thought was physically possible just before heading to NYFW. It was a very cold come back to NY, I say come back because it’s been a while since I couldn’t be back to the other side of the pond due to pandemic. New York was phenomenal, it was nostalgic and beautiful all at the same time. I finally went again to Proenza Schouler show, Khaite, Michael Kors went to Vogue events and caught up with my local friends.

Right after I went to London where I attended for the first time Nensi Dojaka show. It was freezing cold but so worth it. Milan fashion week was as always the one with so many activities, can I just stop to say how excited I was to attend my first ever Gucci show? It was a moment I ll cherish forever. Even now that I attended more than a handful. Paris is always the last and sometimes I love it a little bit extra because I get to treat myself in the end with a nice Hermes or Chanel purchase. I know It sounds superficial, but isnt it nice to treat yourself with a little something at the end of finish line? I attended MiuMiu, LV, Acne, Valentino and many other incredible shows.

After the fashion month I went to Morocco, followed by a work trip in Dubai and then Maldives with Filippo – this was another treat at the finish line. Love going on a short break after fashion week.

In April we headed to Coachella, but before that I revealed Filippo on my social media. This was very liberating as for the first time ever I could freely post whatever I wanted without worrying about privacy and I am so happy you guys loved Filippo. I must admit I was surprised that some people expected him to look more hmm how shall I say it suited and polished, but when you guys heard him speak you understood what I fell in love with immediately.

After LA and Coachella we went to Cannes Film Festival. I had the busiest May of my life with many trips – including the iconic Mykonos trip with Fendi. Louis Vuitton invited me for their Cruise show in San Diego and that was the most beautiful show I have ever seen. Finished the month in St Tropez with Jimmy Choo and some of my best fiends. Ok, I told you I travelled so much in May, it was almost a little bit too much if you ask me and it didnt even finish there. First time ever I went to Portugal was for MaxMara cruise who and it was beyond gorgeous, I also went to Forte Dei Marmi with Gucci for a very special exhibition. Summer was around the corner and I ended the working roll with Fendi Couture show – in a look I love so much and wish it wasn’t only a sample.

Summer summer summer. Filippo and I went to LuisaViaRoma gala in Capri and we completely fell in love with the island (oh yes again). We simply love coming here every year and it almost feels like it our island now. I wore lots of gowns and glamorous outfits in 2022 and must admit it felt more comfortable than I could convince you. We holidayed in Ibiza, Montenegro and more Capri and Amalfi. Can you blame us though? I love Italian holidays the most, as it feels really close to home but it’s somehow still exotic – in a way. Before heading to fashion marathon I went to Venice Film festival with Valentino and Alberta Ferretti, loved being back on that red carpet and really having a special moment in one of the most beautiful cities of the world before the madness starts.

Im not gonna recap the fashion month again because you guys know the drill. I always try to add another show to my roster to improve in one way or another and to be more innovative with my content. I will remember this fashion week for the bob wig I sported at few shows and green carpet and that was really something special. In October I went to Doha for the second time and have to say I like it more every time I go. My collaboration with Ricagno finally came out after nearly a year of work and I was so proud it was selling at Rinnascente. Filippo and I went to work cup finale, met some incredible people and even experienced mountain holidays for the first time together.

Overall 2022 was a year of love. Year of friendships and growth. I am so incredibly humbled when I think of my beginnings and how I started writing few lines on this very blog, from my bed, just like I am doing it now. Ok it was a smaller bed and I am now in Dubai. Wow when I think about it back in the day my sister helped me whenever I needed a small loan to go somewhere and now I managed to surprise her and her family with a first class trip to Dubai. She is the most generous person in the world and I am happy I can somehow say thank you. In the same way I want to say a big thank you to you guys, thank you for supporting me, for loving me and for following this ever evolving journey. For you who started this all with me long ago, I love you. For you who are new to this, welcome and a big hug. Happy New Year my favourite people.

xoxo, Tamara

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