18 Nov, 2022

Jewellery New In and Favourites


You guys know how much I love jewellery and I love it too. In fact I love collecting it at all price ranges and combining it with my every day outfits. In todays post I wanted to share with you some of the brands I wear that are not so mainstream and some pieces that are on my wish list. I hope you enjoy it.


Ole Lynggaard – You know the elephant necklace has become one of my signature pieces by now, but I have quite a few pieces from the brand and a never ending wish list. I love the fact that everything is handmade and I have become familiar with their craftsmanship and their team which makes me appreciate the brand even more.

Missoma – I have been wearing Missoma for many years now, and I love the quality of their pieces as well as interesting designs, that don’t come with a hefty price tag. The affordable pieces ensure that you can switch up your jewellery a lot, even mix it with some of you investment pieces.

Maria Tash – My favourite brand for piercings, whenever I buy an earring or piercing from them I know I will wear it for a long time. I always have a Maria Tash earring and like to mix it with a lot of other brands.

Anita Ko – I love Anita’s jewellery, its really precious but the design is cool, fun and my probably favourite item is my signature piece is the safety pin earring. I love it so much that I have it in yellow and white gold. Next piece I would like to get is a ring full of baguettes.

Fry powers – Colourful, fun, enamel jewellery. I am obsessed with the rings and little huggies. They really stand out on your fingers or the ear and I love that they are such an unexpected piece in every day outfit.

Monica Vinader – I have heard about Monica Vinader many years ago but only got more into it this year. I love their Huggies as well and the little precious studs. Love their little earrings with hanging pendants.

Ashaha – I discovered this brand in summer and I got so curious about the incredible way they combine gems and stones. The founder loves using opal and there is just so much playing with incredible shapes and forms. I have a favourite choker that is definitely high on my Wishlist.

Rainbow K – Paris based brand I only discovered a week ago but I already have their Empress ring on my wish list. Trying to decide if I want the Emerald or Sapphire stone to be the centre piece, but maybe you guys will be able to help me with that.

I have to admit that also on my wish list I have Tiffany Lock Bangle in half pave, I think its stunning and different since its completely new on the market. I think this collection will even take over the HardWear iconic line.






xo xo Tamara

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