20 Aug, 2022


No doubt summer has turned the corner and is finally here but besides the scorching heat, this year more than ever, it brings along a burning question. How to dress for it ? After a period of stop-and-start lockdowns and traveling restrictions its time again for long walks at sunset, refreshing aperitifs with friends, romantic dinners by the sea, beach parties, weddings and every social gathering we missed. Thus, with all things also comes the need for a wardrobe update. Without further ado, here are nine stylish essentials that will make sure you have the most fashionable and memorable summer yet.

ready to update your summer wardrobe ?


Lets start with the basics. A good quality shirt is always a good idea, it’s versatility makes it a great investment piece. No matter the season, be it summer or winter, this clothing can be worn in numerous ways to create a look. Tucked in your denim shorts, with rolled up sleeves over your bikini, oversize and belted worn as a dress, under a blazer or worn with a suit,  shirts are the go-to for an effortlessly chic ensemble. From spliced and ruched to deconstructed and decorated, or in the traditional silhouette in cotton poplin and silk, designers like Gucci, Valentino, Alaia, Balmain and Vuitton showed on this year runways how much they truly love this fashion piece. Bold and bright like in orange and pink or in cool tones such as green and blue, denim or classic white, shirts are the first must-have item for the perfect summer wardrobe!


Lately linen pants are my fashion answer for my everyday looks. How many times in summer we don’t feel like wearing short bottoms but still can’t bear the idea of heavy textiles pants on our skin with these unbelievably hot temperatures? Linen is the perfect material to ward off the blazing heat in style, since its lightweight, soft, breathable, and pretty easy to take care of.  Most commonly, natural linen pants are in beige, sand, or cream colours which make them easy to style for every occasion, for an office day, a rooftop brunch with friends or paired with high heels strappy sandals for the perfect night look.



Let’s be honest, sunglasses are worn all year-round, from dawn to dusk they are that one accessory that never lets me down. They shade from the external world when we are not in the mood for makeup, when our eye bags reveal the mischiefs of the night before, when we want to avoid the look of that one person we really didn’t want to meet but, most of all, they add character to every look.


In addition to the usual aviator and wayfarers with their timeless appeal, there are some additional noteworthy eyewear trends to check out this summer! First of all the futuristic, mostly mirrored lenses style we’ve seen all around the internet, with Balenciaga pushing it to the extreme in their latest haute couture fall/winter show. Secondly how could we not mention the staple ’90s slim cat eye silhouettes, especially with metal frames as presented by Dior and YSL? Last but not least we can’t avoid mentioning the old-school oversise shades, which this year came back bolder than ever with shiny colours, shapes and embellished details.

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What better than a swimsuit to manifest a glorious summer getaway? I must admit spring/summer 2022 catwalks really did their job in getting me excited for a little swimwear shopping session. From Missoni, Blumarine, Etro to Chanel and other fashion Houses such as Attico and Coperni , this year we have a wide selection to chose from. What really did strike me however is that no matter the trend they endorsed, being it belted, iridescent or subtly sparkly bathing suits or string and cutout bikinis, all brands seem to have presented their swimwear as main focus of a look. Bathing suits this year will not just be relegated to the poolside, they will be the center pieces for our outfits. As bottoms under see-through dresses or as tops, our swimwear will serve multiple purposes this year! So check below to find out the coolest ones.

hottest one-piece swimsuits


Besides protecting us from the dangerous UV rays and helping us manage our messy hair after a day by the pool, hats add without a doubt a cool, mysterious vibe to every outfit. Plus, they’re lightweight, they breathe well, they create a large swath of shade, and can be the perfect accessory to create a little drama to your outfit, transforming it instantly into a more sophisticated look.

The options are numerous wether you go for a classic straw hat, a cool bucket one, a cap, a visor or a fancy over the top model, your head and your looks will be thankful! Check below for the hat trends that better fit your head !

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I am trying very hard to resist making a Devil Wears Prada reference, but, yes, dresses are a must have piece for a perfect summer wardrobe. However, truth be told they can be one of the trickiest items. You may ask why so ? They’re easy to wear, super breezy and don’t take up a lot of space in your suit case. Yes but, when it comes to dresses there is no layering, no mix and matching, it’s just you, the dress and accessories to build up a look. This is why choosing the right ones can be a little mission. Falling mid-calf, mid-thigh, or to the floor, bodycon dress,  sheath dress, tunic dress, maxi dress, sleeveless dress, mini dress, kimonos or  baby doll ones, there are a lot of styles one can opt for without even mentioning coloors, materials and prints. But luckily for you I’ve done the research. Here you’ll find the hottest new dress trends that depending on how styled, will be your passepartout for every occasion this summer.


Is there such things as enough shorts for summer? From slim-fit to baggy, mini or longer length, cutoffs shorts, low waisted or biker shorts there is a long list of possibilities. From the classic denim by Khaite, Levi’s and Raey to the designers ones like the Prada Re-Nylon or the shiny leather by Bottega I’ve built up a long list in my chart. However, during the last two summers I’ve surprised myself always opting for the high waisted, wide leg kind, for a relaxed but cool pulled together fit. Here below you’ll find my beloved favourites and some new additions that I believe you can’t miss.


fisherman sandals

“FOR WALKING” and more

The search for the best footwear style for summer could leave me drowning in a sea of options. Let’s not lie, when it comes to shoes for me there is no such thing as “too many”. Also think about it, we really do ask a lot to our summer shoes. They are not just “for walking”. In summer we demand our shoes to be comfortable for long strolls along the promenade and crazy nights dancing till sunrise, we want them to be the perfect accessory to elevate our looks, let our feet breathe after an entire year constricted into boots or trainers, but still protect us against the heat coming from paved roads. Perhaps most of us, I for sure, as Carrie Bradshaw “will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”, but I guess it’s totally fair given how much we expect from them. Said that, here you’ll find the biggest shoe trends you should splurge on this summer.

When it comes to flat shoes the hottest ones this year will be fisherman sandals (and yes, jelly sandals have made their comeback as well) and slides which, lucky for us, are not just comfortable but pretty cool and easy to wear.Regarding our high heels, it will be all about strappy sandals and mules, colourful and sparkling exactly as we desire our summer holidays to be.


strappy sandals


“BIG BEACH BAGS”, that’s what is all about!


When it comes to beach bags I genuinely believe they are starting to get the recognition they deserve. Think about how much they do for us in summer. First of all they carry an unspeakable amount of stuff that, doing the maths, is even more than we carry in winter. Sunscreen, water bottle (not the plastic ones right?), lip-balm, beach towels, an extra swimsuit, a hat, a deck of cards, our phone, earphones, a book, our boyfriend’s wallet, sunglasses (at least two pairs), snacks, laptop, pen and agenda for the unstoppable workaholics and, in line with the latest vintage comeback-trend, can’t forget your 35mm film camera. All of this we want to fit in our bag, we also demand to be fashionable and easy to carry. Thus, even though  it comes right away that the perfect beach bag can’t be petite,  as you’ll see from the selection below it can definitely be an on-trend, staple accessory.

Ready to fill your beach bag ?

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