22 Jan, 2022

Biggest Fashion Trends for 2022

Although thinking of SS22 seems an illusion in London’s cold weather, the good news is that spring is only two months away, so there’s no harm in dreaming and eventually starting to incorporate these trends in your outfits as the temperatures rise.

Last September, there was finally a return to normality in the runways, and the shift in the proposals was in accordance. Although functionality was still present in most of the collections for SS22, this time, it wasn’t a synonym of basics and sobriety. This year it’s about the joie de vivre, the celebration of a new exciting era we are all waiting to come, and I sincerely hope it does.

Ready for what 2022 is going to bring our way?

For those who like to be in control, the unpredictable and constantly changing circumstances have driven us up the wall on more than one occasion during the pandemic. Luckily, SS22, in terms of trends forecast, although subject to everyone’s interpretation and taste, is likely to point this way.


We started to see the comeback of the 90s and early 2000s in 2021 with the influence of sportswear, materialized in items such as baggy pants, college jackets and caps. However, in 2022 this will be more refined and a bit smarter, putting aside the memories of lockdown that loungewear awakes and replacing it with elegant pieces for the day to day.

Big Jackets

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This SS22 oversize jackets will continue to be a trend, not that much in blazers but denim and leather jackets and trench coats. To counteract their size, I like to combine them with fitted items like a mini dress or a mini skirt and a crop top, which will also be everywhere next season.

Big Jacket Energy Will Be Everywhere

This styling tip is especially useful if you’re small to balance the size of your body and the jacket. I love the ones from Off-White, Bottega Veneta and Margiela.

I already started enjoying in this trend last year.

Skirt Suits

If you like a good power suit, you will love this too!

A common theme captured in many SS22 fashion shows was the notion of “back to business”, longed for many after a long period of working from home. Because of that, blouses, shirts and suits became the star, but not any type.

Skirt suits are the new way of wearing suits in SS22. Another trend from the 90s that is making its comeback, and that Miu Miu mastered in the runways in September, leaving nobody indifferent. Not because of the introduction of skirts, but because of their size, which leads us to the next trend.

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Sporty Luxe

Although SS22 will be much fancier than last
year and more orientated towards life outside the
house, either working or socialising, sportswear will continue to influence next season’s outfits, but more elegantly.

Forget about those old baggy track pants, we are talking about something way chicer here

Trends can inspire you to experiment with what you wear but aren’t rules, and, above all, you should go with what you know that makes you comfortable.

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Mini Skirts

Miniskirts were already in fashion last year, but if you thought that was the smaller they could get, add low rise to the equation. Another trend from the early 2000s that is back but has received mixed reactions. Not many people are comfortable with that much exposure, which is understandable.

I love a good mini skirt, but the fit here is the most important factor. Find the one that you feel best in

Trends can inspire you to experiment with what you wear but aren’t rules, and, above all, you should go with what you know that makes you comfortable.

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Belly Button Out

After many years of high waisted pants, what many wished stayed in the 2000s, me included, is back. And what does low rise jeans paired with shorter crop tops mean? Belly buttons out. That’s what we can expect for SS22. Like what happens with miniskirts, not everyone is keen to show that much, and that is fine.

Trend forecasters are saying that you do not have to flaunt the flattest belly of them all. In fact a little bit of belly will be desirable in 2022. What do we think?

Although, sometimes, trends that you despise end up convincing you, as it happened to me with corduroy pants, you shouldn’t force yourself or feel obligated to follow a trend that doesn’t make you happy.

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Suit + Bralette

Earlier, I mentioned how skirts would take over suits next season, but that doesn’t mean you will stop seeing them or you should stop wearing them. However, the trend for SS22 will be to combine them with a bra top underneath. As you can see, the way back to normality in fashion this season is a synonym of sensuality, of showing a bit more but keeping it refined.

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Although this coming season trends are breaking with the reminiscences of lockdowns and pointing towards back to normality and joy, some influences of the pandemic will remain, such as the pursuit of a natural look and the maxim “less is more”. Or at least I will. If I had to choose a positive outcome of the past two years would be my increasing concern and care for my wellbeing and the ones surrounding me, and somehow, that “wholesomeness” now also influences my fashion choices. After all, trends are inspirational, and it is on us to decide what we make of them.

xoxo, Tamara

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