28 Nov, 2021

High Street Favourites

Yes, I know you might be thinking you are on the wrong page. I opened this blog more than 10 years ago when I was dreaming about the world of luxury and all the shiny things. I was a student and I am happy I built my career from the very bottom of the fashion food chain without being eaten on my way up, because I learned so many thing.

First of all I learned what items I should splurge on and where I should save. I have a wast amount of knowledge on high street brands that I still consume but I also know pretty much all the Hermès colours by heart. How does one go in hand with the other you might be wondering?

Very simple. Every smart shopper knows their high street brands well. We (yes, I just called myself a smart shopper), know very well when spending less means spending more in the end and we equally know when something is so overpriced that there is simply no correlation between the price and quality.

In this post I wanted to show you some of my recent high street purchases and to discuss the brands I love buying from as they never let me down.

There is one very important thing to discuss before we jump into the world of high street shopping. Just like not all the TV Channels are the same, or not all influencers are the same, not all high street brands are the same either.

There are definitely some shops that I would never even enter, due to bad experience, bad relationship with the planet and no effort in giving back. I appreciate that there should be lower price point so that everybody can wear their desired pieces in beautiful designs but I also am only going to talk about the items and brands I really have great experience with.


If I had to choose one that sparks the most joy it would probably be River Island. I love that I always find some trendy pieces there and its been a first brand I discovered when I first ever visited UK. I remember even the first necklace I bought there it was a tiny chain and I was only 13. This brand is perfect for any age, and I particularly love their suits, dresses, coats and jeans.


Below is my selection of current best RI pieces. They also do a mean Black Friday sale, so make sure to take advantage of it ;)

My RI Selection


Do I even have to elaborate much? H&M can be found on every cities most important street and I particularly love it also for its designer collaboration. In fact, I remember even queuing up for their Versace collab but only few years later I was their guest in Paris, New York and Zagreb as an ambassador.

I love H&M Trend collection and basic pieces. Probably most of my socks are from H&M and that includes tights too. Now they have a wide selection of cashmere pieces and really uber cool puffers. Have we already elaborated how much I love puffer jackets, coats, cloudy designs that sometimes confuse me whether or not I left the bed in the morning.

Puffer Jacket

My H&M Selection


If you ask me to think of a cardigan, the first one that will come to my mind is my white pearly one from &OtherStories. This season however I decided to get a vivid green one, that even Bottega’s ex creative director Daniel Lee would be jealous of.

I love their cardigans, knits, though I make sure to look at the composition before I buy them and specially love their sandals and summer dresses.

My wardrobe is filled with cute designs from this high street brand and I have to say they last really well to.

Green Knit




Now its very debatable wether AllSaints belongs to this group as some of their pieces go up to £600 mark (around 700€ or 800$) but I really think that some of the pieces here are also affordable specially considering the exceptional quality and the classic design.

I do not go to AllSaints for trends and bright shiny pieces at affordable price, but I like to turn to them for leather or shearling jackets, cashmere co-ords and really classic items. Back in the day (OG followers will surely remember) I had few (very short) sequin skirts from the brand and those posts used to be my most viewed posts in years. You guys were crazy for them. AllSaints has changed their direction and now at this time of the year you can get some gorgeous classic pieces at 30% off, go get it!!!


What are your favourite High Street Brands?

xoxo, Tamara

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