21 Nov, 2021

Christmas Gift Guide

Santa Baby, slip a Rolex under the tree
Before you get an impression that I am oh so materialistic, it was Michael Buble who said it first. Although I wouldn’t at all be opposed to finding a new shiny watch under my tree on a Christmas morning either. However, Christmas is about giving, not receiving, at last they say so.

Jokes aside, I am really bad at patiently waiting for the day itself to give my (usually badly wrapped, unless someone else did it) gifts. I love giving hence seeing expressions on people’s faces as they open something they really want is my best reward.

Since I often cannot wait for the day itself, often I would buy the gifts last minute, that made it a little bit easier to hide them and act cool until the Christmas morning and not spoil it by saying “Do you want your gift now?” on 17th of December. I’m growing and getting more mature and all of that stuff, so perhaps this year I can be a little bit better at purchasing at timely manner and not giving it before the magical morning itself? Doubt it.

I decided to curate a list of many gift ideas for all the possible situations, people and different budgets. Curious to hear if you think I missed out on something?

In this post, I’m going to talk you through some of the gift ideas I prepared for your loved ones. Hope that you will find Christmas Gift inspiration right here.

Gifts for Accessories Lover

 She or he gets easily distracted by shiny objects. I mean who am I to judge, I certainly can relate to that. I came up with a list of gifts for that special person that really loves to accessorise. From jewellery to shoes, hats, gloves to SLGs (and if you from Mars SLG stands for Small Leather Goods).

While curating this list I certainly added few pieces to my own wish list and if my Santa Clause is reading please not that I was very good relatively good this year and that this Green Jackie bag by Gucci looks like it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. You know that green bags are so on trend.
At the same time this shopping list would need a bigger shopping budget, but rest assured I covered all the bases through this blog post, to make sure everyone can find something.

Missoma is always a wonderful option for Christmas gifting that I personally love and wear their pieces through out the year. Their prices are not astronomical and you can find something on their website for every budget. Personal favourites for Christmas would be a Roman Coin for a more classic person or anything from Harris Reed for someone who likes to go all out.


Beauty Queen

These people come under all kinds of different names. Skin care aficionado, Makeup collector, they know all the new treatments on the market, including the ones that aren’t fully legal yet. I remember around 11 years ago my dream gift was a Chanel nail polish, as I was collecting these gorgeous little bottles on my shelf. Fast forward bring me to 2021 and I probably could not fit yet another one in my desk, but I can so relate to this.

If you are shopping for a beauty lover you are in luck. Price point for their gifts varies and is so easy to make them happy. From a lip gloss on a budget to a all in electrical gadget with different LED functions, you can really get creative here. Or you don’t have to, as I did all the work for you.

Only downside is that of course I found out so many things that I definitely do not need, but they still end up in my basket. Thats the thing with us self care lovers, we need more and more of these products every day, because you never know if that new little jar on the market – is the ONE!

Olaplex and Dyson are my holy grail recommendations. They are unisex so classic. Dyson Supersonic hair drier is something I made sure everybody in my family has, beauty lover or not, science of these products is absolutely genius and something so mundane as hair drying should be glamorous when possible. What better time to treat your loved one than now?


For Him

Wheter you are a woman or a man, I am sure you have a special guy in your life. Hey, not necessarily romantically, but you know there are some men who deserve gifts this season (and I am sure there are ones who just deserve a drink in their face, but we won’t encourage that).

I am so smitten and in love at the moment that I will try stop myself from gushing about my partner who I enjoy picking and choosing gifts for every year. I got inspired by doing this list, which I think varies from more classic useful items to completely random objects that a guy who has it all would love.

Personally I discovered that men always need socks and underwear. I don’t know how but they always tend to lose them (well, hopefully they don’t just randomly lose their underwear, but you will get the point). This list includes some of their favourite socks and basic pieces that for sure will make the cut, but also a very chunky Bottega Veneta scarf in case you want to impress him, or just slightly hint that he could up his fashion game.

Either way remember that when buying for partners its best to listen to their needs and getting creative. Take him out for a cute cinema night also counts as a great gift if you ask me.

Treat Him

Ultimate Homebody

I know you might be shocked to read this, but there are people who prefer opening a gift that contains some PJs rather than sparkly Amina Muaddis, and perhaps I cannot fully relate to it, but there will never be a day that I will say I have enough candles in my house.

I created a list full of top trending pieces that they don’t have yet, vases, slippers and even illustrations and paintings that would give you some extra chic points.

In the past year I realised that blankets, cushions, fragrance diffusers and little shiny jewellery trays make me really happy. You could never get wrong with getting me one of those, which now made me wonder if I am not so different from your ultimate homebody friend. After all this past year thought us that making our nest cosy and comfortable is so so important.

They say “There is no place like home”, we spend a lot of time there so make it worthwhile for yourself and your loved ones.

Homebody Gifts

Under £50

It’s smart to be on a budget, in fact I should learn something from it. Just like I have my Shopping Under £100 page on this blog I also wanted to create a Under £50 gift guide that will help you make a little more frugal choices.

Rest assured that quality is not compromised, from Gucci nail polish, to my favourite Diptyque candles you will find whatever your heart desires. Yet again I think that knowing a person well is crucial, and if they love coffee like I do, portable cup could be such a good call.

I think that this time of the year also calls for books. People like to work on themselves as we enter a new year and I think that books are really best investments (that is if you read them of course).

Shop Gifts On a Budget

Parents (Yours or Theirs)

Getting gifts for your own parents can be hard enough, but then if you have your partner’s parents to think of too, uh oh, I am not sure I envy you. Specially because we have done it all already, the PJs, socks, you know same old cards, gifts that you never see them actually wear.

I love to spoil my parents, they have certainly given me their all in my childhood and even though they were pretty strict I am so grateful o them for how I have turned out(ok I guess that comes out as if I am complimenting myself, but we are into self love and all of that, right?). I almost ran out of things that I could give to my parents, but think about good leather gloves, a nice little beauty treatment for your mum who never treats herself, maybe a country side trip if your budget allows it.

Your dad forgets to moisturise and apply SPF and your mum always worries about everyone besides herself. Make sure to put their needs first this Christmas, after all if someone really deserves it – its the parents.

Gifts For The Parents

Have you already started your Christmas shopping? What will you be buying this year?

xoxo, Tamara

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