6 Oct, 2021


credit - Alessandro Lucioni/ Daniele Schiavello / Gorunway.com

The Versace spring/summer 2022 collection is one big celebration of the Versace coat of armour … if that celebration is taking place in the party scene of ‘80s Miami. Full of the house’s trademark prints and staple bold colours, expect to see Versace’s offering for next summer on the beach, at nightclubs and every stylish place in between.

Donatella Versace’s use of flashy neon hues, house staples, like the iconic Versace safety pin, and sharp suiting make this collection a must-buy.

In this post, I’m going to detail the looks I found most intriguing from this new collection, along with the styles I can’t wait to get my hands on the moment they hit stores.
And what would a review of Versace’s spring/summer 2022 offering be without taking a look at the most talked about event of Milan Fashion Week –

the Versace and Fendi collaboration, Fendace.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni/ Daniele Schiavello / Gorunway.com

For Versace’s spring/summer 1994 collection, a certain black dress featuring gold safety pins made it down the runway. Hugh Grant’s girlfriend at the time, Elizabeth Hurley, then wore the dress to the premiere of his film Four Weddings and a Funeral, upstaging Grant, the film and forever becoming THAT Versace safety pin dress.

Flash forward to the 2020s and the Versace safety pin is as much of a house staple as ever.

Donatella Versace features the iconic pin detail in a magnitude of her designs for spring/summer 2022. Cut-outs are one of the hottest Y2K revival trends of the moment and, luckily for Versace, they pair perfectly with safety pin detailing.

While Versace’s 1994 dress was black with gold safety pins, Donatella opted to infuse this house staple with some colour, using multicoloured safety pins on various designs.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

Shop some of my favourite Versace pieces below

One standout look, worn by none other than pop superstar Dua Lipa, features a sleek buttoned black blazer with a prominent cut-out across the midriff and a skirt. Both feature multihued safety pins which Lipa also wears as earrings.
Safety pins also appear on black and fruity lime green leather fitted blazer and skirt ensembles in gold and lime green, respectively. Another look saw a model walk the runway in a red leather mini dress with cut-outs patched up with, you guessed it, red safety pins.

One big takeaway from this collection is - that which cannot be patched up with a Versace safety pin is simply not worth being patched up at all.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

Another hallmark of the Versace brand which features prominently in the new collection is the iconic silk foulard and highly ornate prints which have become synonymous with the house.

Like the colourful safety pins, Versace’s bold silk prints compliment the sophisticated black looks.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

One black vinyl leather fitted midi dress features a colourful silk print detailing at the hem and across the chest. Donatella elevates the cut-out trend by placing a silk Medusa print garment underneath a black midi dress with cut-outs patched up by multicolour safety pins.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

Donatella hasn’t forgotten about Versace’s popular beach chic looks for summer.

She continues to explore the contrast between black and Versace’s decorative silk prints by using oversized blazers as cover-ups for silk bikinis.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

Versace’s prints are so dazzling that they simply have to be used for full looks also.

My favourites include the silk Medusa print pyjama set complete with matching bandana and a printed silk long sleeve midi dress secured at the front by a mix of buttons and safety pins.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

The latter will work great as a lightweight dress for summer.

The new La Greca print also pops up in the collection, featuring on an oversized blazer in energetic lime green and purple shades.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

Versace’s distinguished prints are not the only bold colour combinations which stand out in this collection.

A bright blue vinyl leather midi dress with bustier detailing, thin straps and a slight frill at the hem was paired with a thin neon pink logoed belt and a bright lemon yellow bag on the runway.

Can you think of anything more Miami in the ‘80s?

Shop Versace accessories below

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

Donatella also takes inspiration from another iconic decade in fashion.

Large ‘70s style square shaped sunglasses with thick rims and colourful frames finish many looks.

credit - Alessandro Lucioni accessed via Gorunway.com

Versace’s popular Medusa bags appear in an array of bright hues, including tangerine, lemon yellow, emerald and lime green.

A bedazzled lime green micro La Medusa Tote Bag.

The shoes are no less compelling. Models walked the runway in extreme platforms (like … stilt level extreme), chunky heeled loafers and bejewelled open-toe sandals.

Now, let’s finally address the elephant sized slice of fashion news in the room (or rather, on the runway).

Versace and Fendi are teaming up for a runway collaboration.

A collaboration.

Between Versace and Fendi.

Fendi and Versace.

credit - Daniele Schiavello / Gorunway.com

Named Fendace, the collection sees Donatella Versace of Versace and Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi of Fendi switch places for one night only to design 25 looks for the other fashion house. The Freaky Friday esque event is a first for the fashion brands and, needless to say, has had the fashion world aghast … and, of course, hysterical with excitement.
Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and other big names walked the Fendace runway showcasing some truly trailblazing designs.

credit - Daniele Schiavello / Gorunway.com

Each designer presents their take on their fellow Italian fashion house’s signature aesthetic.

Donatella presents her take on the Fendi logo in belt form and adds the Versace Medusa logo to Fendi monogrammed top handle bags. Meanwhile, Jones and Fendi reinterpret the iconic Baguette bag for Versace, adding a thick Versace style chain and safety pins along the edges.

credit - Daniele Schiavello / Gorunway.com

Models walked the runway wearing Fendi monogrammed hats emblazoned with VERSACE and designs which fused together statement patterns from both houses. One of my favourite pieces, and the design which Donatella took her bow in, is a patchwork denim suit embossed with both the Versace and Fendi logos.

What I love so much about this collaboration is how it beautifully combines the best parts of both houses, creating a selection of pieces which I can’t seem to look away from.

Far from acting as rivals, Versace and Fendi combine their design forces to create something truly groundbreaking in fashion which won’t be forgotten any time soon.

The whispers and anticipation in the air told me that this collection is special and is most definitely the greatest example of the mantra – keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

To the show I wore a black leather ensemble consisting of a Versace cropped biker jacket featuring a safety pin zip detail, belted shorts and a sleek black turtleneck.

The look was completed with statement Versace earrings, a black Versace Virtus clutch and, for a pop of colour, the Versace Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps in lemon yellow.

What are your thoughts on Versace’s new collection for spring/summer 2022?

Are you shocked by the new Fendace collaboration?


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