10 Oct, 2021


British-American fashion designer Harris Reed recently made headlines when they dressed supermodel Iman at the 2021 Met Gala in a golden frilled ball gown and headdress ensemble designed in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana.

But it’s Reed’s other new collaborative release which I am fawning over.

Reed, who is known for their decadent structural masterpieces, superb tailoring and overall visionary designs, has collaborated with British jewellery brand Missoma to produce a collection of demi-fine and fine pieces this autumn.
The collaboration marks Reed’s first venture into jewellery.
And what brand better to collaborate with than Missoma (a personal favourite of mine)!

Reed’s designs are gender-fluid and this jewellery collection is no different.

Free from the constraints of gender conformity, the Harris Reed x Missoma offering embodies an old-timey aesthetic which oozes opulence.

Featuring 49 demi-fine pieces and 15 fine jewellery pieces, there’s no shortage of standout designs.

In this post, I detail a few of my favourites.

Shop some of my favourite pieces below

Harris Reed x Missoma is a regal Baroque style aesthetic meets modern day freedom of expression.

And I’m in love.
Reed is a self-confessed fan of vintage jewellery finds (well, who isn’t?) and this absolutely translates to the pieces. The collection’s air of dark romanticism seems as if it’s been selected straight from an almost gothic autumnal mood board and fuses perfectly with Missoma’s elegant and refined style.

Featuring black, white, silver and gold accents, along with charms in the shape of moons, stars, daggers and serpents, the collection is the perfect mix of delicate and statement pieces.

The collaborative collection features charm earrings, gemstone rings, pendant necklaces and a selection of bracelets in 18ct gold plated.

The collaboration is also considerate of sustainability and ethical concerns.

The designs feature recycled metals and conflict-free gems, including white and black diamonds in the collection’s fine jewellery pieces, in addition to labradorite gemstones.

Missoma’s pieces have become highly covetable when worn layered over one another.

I myself have taken a particular liking to layering the brand’s necklaces since it makes for an ultra sleek look which is incredibly versatile.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that this new collection heavily features designs which look flawless when layered.

And it’s not just the necklaces.

Earrings, bracelets and rings seamlessly work when worn layered.

Standout pieces for me include the In Good Hands Pearl Necklace, Crescent Moon Necklace and Star Crossed Pearl Necklace (the names are as charming as the designs).

I’ve been layering these three necklaces for a relaxed and classic look.

In terms of earrings, I’ve been favouring the collection’s offering of single earrings which feature ornate charms.

The Handpicked Pearl Single Earring quite literally consists of a small hoop earring attached to an 18ct gold plated hand reaching out to grab a Baroque Pearl.

These charm earrings are great to pair with one another on the same earlobe and perfectly embody Missoma’s bohemian chic appeal.

Alternatively, if you love the collection’s quirky motifs but want a more understated look, there’s an array of stud earrings featuring celestial and serpent designs also available.

One design from the collection which is hard to forget is the Labradorite Cocktail Ring.

Featuring a large dome shaped labradorite gemstone in the centre and adorned with miniature pearls around the edge, this ring certainly makes a statement.
The design is an ode to the opulent style of the Baroque and Georgian eras.
The decorative charms are by far the standout features of this collaboration.

The Symbols of Change Bracelet incorporates many key charms, such as the moon and star motifs.

The piece also includes a bespoke butterfly charm which acts as a symbol of duality, a core theme of the collective endeavour.

Staying true to Missoma’s goal of producing beautifully designed quality pieces at accessible prices, the price point for the collection’s demi-fine designs is very reasonable.

But if you are looking to spend more, the Harris Reed x Missoma Fine collection uses 14ct recycled solid gold.

Designs include serpent rings embossed with diamonds and celestial themed earrings finished with pearls, to name a few. The good news is that if you’re sticking to a fashion jewellery budget, most of the fine jewellery designs also appear in demi-fine versions.

Which pieces from this hotly anticipated collaboration are you eyeing up?

Do you hope this joint undertaking will be the first of many?

xoxo, Tamara

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