27 Sep, 2021


It’s not been long since Kim Jones embarked on his coveted new position as creative director of womenswear and couture at Fendi.
Jones debuted his second ready-to-wear collection for the house at spring/summer 2022 Milan Fashion Week.

Already, it’s clear to see the mark he has made and will no doubt continue to make on the famed fashion house.

 Inspired by Studio 54 and the late ​​Puerto Rican fashion illustrator and once friend and collaborator of Karl Lagerfeld, Antonio López, this collection has the spirit of disco and celebration of the female form at its core.
Jones introduces sharp tailoring along with new silhouettes and reimagined versions of Fendi’s classic bags, old and new, in this collection which has all the glamour and decadence of any party I’ve ever attended.

Fendi’s classic beige and brown hues are mixed with ultra feminine shades to create a palette of fashion flavours which are both reminiscent of ‘60s and ‘70s allurement and Fendi’s signature flair.

In this post, I’m going to share with you my favourite pieces from the collection and the designs which are the frontrunners for a spot in my spring/summer wardrobe next year.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

“The Fendi woman has let loose a bit – she’s going out, dressing up. We’ve all been locked away for so long that I think that’s what we all need right now.” – Kim Jones

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

Fendi favourites to shop

I couldn’t have said it better myself.
After a year and a half (or however long it’s been by now), it looks like the COVID-19 cloud which has been looming over fashion is beginning to lift and we can finally see (fingers crossed) clear skies on the horizon.
Approaching ahead is Jones and the rest of the Fendi gang dancing around a bedazzled disco ball dressed in fur coats and thigh-high boots.
Needless to say, I want in!

This collection is the fashion equivalent of an exploding glitter bomb.

From Jones’ crisp power suiting and colourful capes, to the new takes on some of Fendi’s most beloved bags, this collection is one for the fashion history books.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

The looks for spring/summer 2022 are steeped in Fendi history.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

López famously worked with Lagerfeld during the designer’s long tenure at Fendi. 

López even drafted a logo for the house as the ‘60s turned into the ‘70s and this is featured in some of the collection’s pieces.

Jones reimagines artworks from López estate’s archive, seamlessly incorporating drawings and even brushstrokes into the designs to create, quite literally, wearable art. 
One standout look is a furry coat (classic Fendi) featuring a pattern created from López’s drawing of a rouge-lipped profile of Jane Forth, an actress and one of his muses.

On the runway, the model carried Fendi’s Sunshine Shopper in the same furry print.

López’s artwork which pays homage to the female form also appears on thigh-high boots and a bodycon turtleneck mini dress –
if that’s not an outfit befitting of a wild party, what is?

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

Jones imbues López’s vibrantly coloured illustrations with life once more, reimagining his work on kaftans and flowing maxi dresses which will look godly for summer.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

Fendi favourites the Baguette and Peekaboo bags act as the canvas for some of López’s most striking works. A fringed Baguette adorned with a rainbow illustration is a firm favourite of mine. Jones offsets the Peekaboo’s clean-cut lines with a close-up of a brightly hued López piece.

López’s illustrations used here are redolent of pop art

Given the timeless appeal of this art genre, it makes sense why the works feature on the house’s most timeless bags.

Power suiting is one of the most important elements of this collection.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

Models walked the runway in sleek and stylized suits, exuding soirée chic just as much as business chic.

My favourite and a soon-to-be wardrobe staple of mine is a crisp white blazer and trousers combo.
Pink and lilac satin versions were also present.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

Waistcoats have slowly but surely been emerging as a smart casual staple for a while now.

Like with anything which A-listers donned during the early ‘00s, it’s only a matter of time before today’s fashion set is wearing it.
It’s nice to see Jones embracing this revival trend

For spring/summer 2022, Fendi introduces low-cut waistcoats with exaggerated lapels which takes this collection’s power suiting to a whole new level.

Fendi’s spring/summer 2022 offering blurs the once concrete lines between business, party and casual wear.

One piece which can be viewed as all three is a midi slit dress.

The design gives the illusion of being a skirt and top combo but the piece is in fact a dress.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

Despite the glamour of the clothing occupying much of my attention, I haven’t forgotten about the accessories! New bags showed up in full force on the runway. Models wore pouches on their wrists and carried croissant shaped designs over their shoulders.

credit - Filippo Fior accessed via vogue.com

Shop Fendi accessories

Some appear in metallic shades while others feature in fluffy finishes.

House classics the Sunshine Shopper, Peekaboo, Baguette and, of course, Fendi’s latest contender for the title of ‘It’ bag, the Fendi First, are also included in the spring/summer 2022 offering in a range of colours and finishes.

The collection’s statement jewellery by fourth-generation Fendi heiress, Delfina Delettrez, helps imbue the collection with even more ‘70s glamour.

What are your thoughts on the new Fendi collection?

Are you as ready for the return of ‘70s glamour as I am?

xoxo, Tamara

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