25 Jul, 2021


As a fashion house, Valentino may be famous for its iconic studs.

They are known for fusing Valentino’s elegant Italian style with gothic appeal and have hence become a house staple. Creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli even released new Roman Stud accessories for spring/summer 2021. However, among Valentino Garavani’s other new releases is the Atelier 03 Rose Edition range.
This beautiful collection features bags, shoes and more.

Each design is quite literally made to look like a blossoming 3D flower. Much of the Valentino Garavani Atelier 03 Rose Edition range features black and rich red hues. And for me, this represents that similar kind of Italian chic meets gothic look which Valentino Garavani’s studs boast.

I already have the 03 Rose Edition Atelier Bucket Bag which is simply divine. And now I’ve acquired the Atelier 03 Rose Edition Sandals so that my feet can look like flowers too.

In this post, I’m going to review these sandals, discussing the style’s functionality, wearability and, of course, appeal.

Sandals are that age-old summer staple which we forget exist all throughout autumn, winter and spring before getting to summer and wondering how we ever managed without them.

Therefore, it’s good to invest in a few designer sandals because, despite the designer price tag, they are sure to be worth it.

And flat sandals, well let’s just say that your future self will thank you for not making her embark on summer days out spent limping.

Valentino Garavani’s shoe game has been flawless lately (case in point – the new Roman Stud Point-Toe Flats). So naturally I was of course inclined to explore Piccioli’s sandal offerings for the house.
And I have not been disappointed.

Not only are the Atelier 03 Rose Edition Sandals exquisitely embellished with individual leather flower petals to give a 3D rose effect but they are actually super comfortable.

I say actually because as a designer shoe aficionado you are conditioned to just accept the fact that any shoes so gorgeous that you just NEED to wear will hurt your feet. Perhaps a reason for this comfort level is the anatomically-shaped and leather-lined inner footbed of the shoe. And apparently this is great for those with foot problems
(so if that’s you, you now have a sensible reason to splurge on Valentino).


Some sandals look gorgeous but have paper-thin soles leaving me hesitating whether I should sport them for an all day outing or not.

But the Atelier 03 Rose Edition Sandals’ thick rubber soles mean I don’t have to hesitate when picking them out.

I opted for the black style which features black buckles.

The complete antithesis of strappy sandals, this style covers up your feet a lot due to the two thick straps embellished with rose detailing.

These shoes are sort of a hybrid between two very different summer shoe options.

They’re not the typical designer sliders every house has come out with in recent years but they’re also far from the delicate itty-bitty sandals which are regularly worn by shoe lovers all summer long.
Subsequently, I’m proclaiming that the Valentino Garavani Atelier 03 Rose Edition Sandals are the very best parts of each of these very different shoes combined.

They have all the comfort and functionality of sliders while being ostentatiously overembellished in true Valentino fashion.

This is certainly reflected in how I wear my pair.

I’ve been loving slipping my feet into them this summer for days when I know walking is going to be involved.

But equally they make a great lunch date sandal.
They look divine with shorts, matching co-ords and are definitely a must when rocking some of Valentino’s other spring/summer 2021 gems.
And if I want to look like a full-blown rose garden, I’ll pair these sandals with my 03 Rose Edition Atelier Bucket Bag.


I sincerely doubt these sandals will be the last of the Valentino Garavani Atelier 03 Rose Edition range to enter my collection.

The only question is – which piece will I welcome next?

xoxo, Tamara

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