22 Jul, 2021


While the fashion industry is notorious for being hot for something one minute and very much not the next, some things simply stand the test of time and remain iconic and beloved for decades.

Chanel’s fabled No.5 perfume is one such thing.

Launched a century ago when the fashion house was still in its infancy, Chanel No.5 was created by French-Russian chemist and perfumer Ernest Beaux.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its signature scent, Chanel has released the limited edition Factory 5 Collection.

The range includes 17 beauty products said to be inspired by everyday objects all with Chanel’s No.5 scent. The new Factory 5 Collection is proving hard to get your hands on. Chanel invited me to discover the new limited edition range in Paris.

In this post, I’m going to share with you all my experience and everything I know about the new products.

The collection is centred around turning the ordinary into something luxurious.

The collection’s products come in somewhat unusual packaging.

Bath tablets are packaged in a tea tin and shower gel comes in a paint tin. I for one never thought a paint tin could be luxurious until I smelt the heavenly Chanel No.5 scent wafting from it. All of the products from this limited edition range come packaged inside ‘everyday’ items like tins and cans.

However, all are emblazoned with the Chanel No.5 logo (so not THAT everyday then).

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It may seem like an odd choice to package a collection of luxury beauty products in an assortment of tubes and paint cans. But the original Chanel No.5 perfume was in fact also packaged in an everyday object, a laboratory bottle.

The now famous Chanel bottle has become a symbol of luxury in the century since.

The Factory 5 Collection’s packaging serves as a poignant reminder that the famous No.5 fragrance has the power to turn even the mundane into something truly luxurious.
This is a message I can get on board with.
I’ve always been an ardent fan of the Chanel No.5 scent.

Its fragrant and instantly recognizable smell makes it a true classic.

So to have this fragrance feature in 17 new beauty products from the house is exciting news (certainly for my nose).

From soap and shower gel, to body lotion and purse spray, this collection has it all.

It’s one thing revelling in the joys of a divine smelling luxury beauty product but it’s another thing entirely to watch it be made. Witnessing the masterful work which goes into creating these products has made me appreciate this collection even more.

Seeing this process has made me feel more in touch with Chanel’s rich history.

When Coco Chanel introduced the No.5 as her house’s first ever fragrance way back in 1921, she had no idea that the scent would go on to become the cultural phenomenon it has grown into. Chanel No.5 dates back further than other iconic staples of the house, such as the 2.55 Flap bag and the slingback shoe.

Being able to celebrate this historic anniversary for Chanel as a brand has been a truly remarkable experience for me as a long-time lover of the fashion house.

All 17 of the new beauty items look exquisite but a handful in particular stood out to me.

The body lotion, purse spray and bath tablets are my absolute favourite beauty must-haves from the Factory 5 Collection. The purse sprays are super practical and the bath tablets are essential for a luxury soak done right.

Many are dubbing the new range the latest must-have Chanel collector’s items.

Since the centennial of the original and most iconic Chanel fragrance ever created only comes around once, I think it’s safe to agree with them.

Try and get your hands on this special celebratory Chanel collection while you can!

What are your thoughts on Chanel No.5 turning 100?

xoxo, Tamara

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