28 May, 2021

The Best Swimwear Trends for Summer 2021

After over a year of travel restrictions and more time spent on Zoom calls than any beach, you’d be excused for giving up on swimwear trends. But don’t be too hasty to surrender all hope of you donning the latest aquatic fashions. I almost had but after seeing what’s in store for swimwear this season, beach or no beach, I’m excited!

When it comes to swimwear, I know what I like. During summers past, you would be sure to find me poolside in a rotation of triangle bikini tops and side tie bikini bottoms, along with swanky one-piece swimsuits. But I’m always open to trying out new swimwear trends and (despite what the universe may have in store) I’m determined to make this summer no different.

In the same way that a year of being cooped up inside has caused us to be bolder with our fashion choices, swimwear trends are more brazen and adventurous.

No print, material or adornment is too outlandish to sport.

This summer, expect to see retro themes, striking materials and flashy fits to wear when swimming (or not swimming).

In this post, I’m going to share my favourite swimwear trends for summer 2021. Whether you spend the season sunning yourself silly on a beach or the closest you get to the sea is your desktop screensaver, these are the summer swimwear trends you need to know about.


This Y2K inspired trend is taking over swimwear too. Not only is this neckline ultra comfortable and easy to wear but it works well for both bikinis and one pieces. Styles which sport thin straps extending from the centre of the swimwear are some of my favourites.

A favourite brand of mine for this style is Christopher Esber.

I’m looking forward to halterneck tops becoming a staple in my summer wardrobe so why should my cache of swimwear leave this covetable style out?

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Seashells on the Seashore (and Your Swimsuit)

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Credit - Courtesy of Versace, accessed via Vogue.com

Unlike florals for spring, which are in fact not ground-breaking, as Miranda Priestly so eloquently informs us in The Devil Wears Prada, overt aquatic beachy themes for summer swimwear are delightfully different.

Versace demonstrated this best on its Spring/Summer 2021 runway with models clad in lemon yellow bikinis featuring starfish and seashells.

Despite watching the show in late September, it made me want to grab a snorkel and dive off of the Amalfi Coast! After so long of travel bans, perhaps we could all do with a little reminding of just what a summer holiday entails. Seeing archetypal beachy motifs on vibrantly hued swimwear makes me long for days exploring exotic oceans.

I can’t wait to sport the look, no matter where I am this summer.

String Bikinis

If you’re a fan of spaghetti straps, then I bet you will also take a liking to this next trend.

String bikinis. They are a certified classic.

The straps on this style are as thin as they come so are perfect for getting maximum vitamin D exposure. My favourite kind of string bikini is one which features a single colour all over. However, due to the style’s popularity, there are so many designs to choose from.

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Bikinis and Body Chains

Perhaps not the most practical of swimwear styles, the bikini and body chain combo is the ultimate glamorous way to lounge poolside (although not so much suitable for doing laps of the pool).

What this style lacks in functionality, it more than makes up for in beauty.

I love pairing my bikinis with logo adorned body chains from the likes of Chanel. This look may be better suited to out of water activities. But since when were bikinis only for doing the breaststroke?

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Credit - vecteezy.com

Retro Prints

The allure of ‘70s inspired geometric prints and retro florals reminiscent of the days of flower power are well established. But now swimwear is having its turn adopting these retro styles.

The bright colours and mesmerising patterns are well suited to spirited beachy style.

I was sceptical about this trend at first but it’s growing on me. I’m most excited to try out retro florals, perhaps in a shade of fuchsia or honey yellow.

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Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

The Brazilian bikini bottom is one of those iconic things in fashion, like the little black dress, that is simply too iconic to ever go out of style. My favourite kind is the side tie Brazilian bikini bottom which screams relaxed beach days ahead. This is a great choice if you want to elongate your legs and pairs perfectly with a string bikini top.

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Which swimwear trend will you make a splash with this summer?

xoxo, Tamara

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