4 May, 2021

Prada SS21 Favourites and a Look That Stole My Heart

Prada or Nada, I am sure you’ve heard that one before. And let me be honest, it’s not exactly like I could be the chooser the first time I heard this quote. I remember being a student and dreaming about the days that Prada would become a brand I own not only in my accessories closet, but also hanging on the rails in their beautiful Ready To Wear form.

This Italian Fashion House has always impressed me with their prints, fabrics and choice of direction ever since the moment I understood that nylon isn’t just the material for carrier bags. Years later I learned that plastic bags are a thing of the past and that the only Nylon in my life is the regenerated nylon fabric that’s obtained through the recycling and purification process of plastic waste collected from oceans, fishing nets, and textile fibre waste – that Prada uses in their stunning collections.

I started working with Prada sometime last year and even though I had dreamt of this day since the morning I began my blog and thought that the moment would never happen; it couldn’t have come at a better time.

You see Miuccia Prada joined forces with Raf Simons and together they started creating something truly unbelievable. Their first women’s show together was the SS21 and today I am proudly presenting you with a look I was astounded by.


I was watching it digitally from Milan and the second I saw the knits and oversized coats I knew they were going to be in my wardrobe next season. I felt like I wanted them there and then, because despite being a spring/ summer collection, Raf and Miuccia’s debut baby was rich in sophistication and timelessness, which meant I wanted it immediately.

After a very monochrome collection, or one where black appeared to take centre stage, I was so excited to see some colour. The show began in a very classic Prada way: 90’s trousers, extra-large logo and pointy kitten heel. Ok, we will still be wearing pointy heels I remember thinking with relief. The Prada show was going to be the show of the season, there was never doubt in that, and I knew it was going to be the one that dictates trends. I was watching the show and making a mental note of the pieces I wanted to buy: statement outerwear that screamed Miuccia and knitwear that had Raf written all over it.

Then I saw IT!
Look number 11

A look that had lived in my head rent free for a few months, until the day I finally got my hands on it, and yes it’s the look you will find in today’s post.

First it was the contrast of this happy yellow shade with a perfect light pink. A colour that also reminds me of my favourite lipstick shade; although I’m going to try not to romanticise too much and just tell you what it is that I love about the look.

It was the silhouette, the mix of feminine skin-tight clothes underneath, layered light knits, perforated turtleneck with a logo dress covering it softly and this big parka style coat that could easily be something my boyfriend would take to the park on a rainy day. Oh but so much more fabulous (no offense to my boyfriend who takes pride in his style, but even he agrees that nothing comes close to Prada).

Then it went like a movie in front of my eyes, these perforated turtlenecks; layered under dresses, knits and coats: orange, yellow, black and white. I could almost hear the sound in my head, it was the familiar sound of me pressing the pin number into the little machine given by the sales associate.

I decided to style the look with my Prada Cleo bag; one that I think is so classic and timeless that I even dedicated a whole blog post to it.

shop the slingback pumps below

So yes, we all love Prada, but in today’s post besides this look number 11 which I fully took off the runway and shot especially for you, I also wanted to show you some of my Prada SS21 favourites that deserve more attention. My wardrobe is more or less decorated with most of these pieces, and I think you need them too – unless they are already sold out, (and we all know how many of you regretted last year’s Nylon coat situation; it sold out too fast).

Let me know your thoughts on Prada SS21; first fashion baby of Raf and Miuccia, something we didn’t even know we were waiting for all these years.


I’m totally in awe, what about you?

xoxo, Tamara

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