24 May, 2021

Bottega Veneta The Chain Cassette Bag Review

Many fashion houses have established their cache of covetable classics and ‘It’ bags over decades. But not Bottega Veneta. Since 2018, creative director Daniel Lee has worked his magic at the Italian fashion house and produced a series of memorable bags which will not be forgotten by the fashion crowd anytime soon. One such design is The Padded Cassette Bag with chain, simply known as The Chain Cassette.

The Chain Cassette is certainly not the only design in the Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag universe. First came the original Cassette Bag, launched as part of Bottega Veneta’s pre-autumn 2019 collection. Then came The Padded Cassette Bag, released for autumn/winter 2019. And finally, for pre-autumn 2020, Bottega Veneta debuted The Chain Cassette, which is The Padded Cassette Bag except with a chain instead of a leather strap.

The padded chain version of the iconic Cassette design is perhaps the most popular of all three styles. Like its forebearers, the chain version features Bottega Veneta’s famous Intrecciato weaving technique which is used in many of its designs, such as the popular Jodie Bag.

The Cassette bags adopt this weaving technique in maxi form, creating a striking overall look. I own all three versions of the covetable Cassette design. While I don’t find myself reaching for the original style that often, the padded variations, and particularly The Chain Cassette, hold a special place in my heart.

In this post, I’m going to explore my love for this acclaimed Bottega Veneta design and reveal what it has over the Cassette’s earlier iterations.


  • Maxi Intrecciato weaving technique
  • Chunky chain strap which can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody
  • Soft Nappa leather
  • Boxy rectangular shape
  • Magnetic closure
  • Interior zipped pocket
  • Gold or silver tone hardware
  • 26cm width, 18cm height, 8cm depth
  • Colour options – Racing Green, Fondant, Porridge, Almond, Lavender, Butter, Black, Chalk, Mallard, Seagrass
  • Material options – lambskin, suede calfskin

The Chain Cassette Bag is super easy to wear. Due to its structured rectangular shape and crossbody carry option, it sits perfectly across your body. The enlarged version of the house’s famous Intrecciato weaving technique suits the bag’s structured rectangular shape.

The chain adds another layer of practicality to the design.

It is almost another accessory in itself. I particularly love how a small section of the chain hangs across the bag, acting as a stylish adornment when the bag is carried over the shoulder or crossbody. Alternatively, this small section of the chain acts as a hand carry option.

Shop the Chain Cassette bag below

After owning The Padded Cassette Bag in both the chain and leather strap options, I can certainly see the big difference such as small detail makes. The addition of the chain gives the Cassette Bag an altogether different look and, for me, doubles its versatility points.

I wear my chain version of the style everywhere from the supermarket to lavish parties. However, I am sceptical of wearing the leather strap version to any fancy event for fear of looking too casual. The leather strap on the Padded Cassette Bag is adjustable, unlike its chain counterpart and the chain makes the bag a little heavier. However, for me personally, this is where the leather strap’s advantages over the chain end.

Shop the look below

Chunky chains are everywhere in fashion right now, from bags to shoes and more. Bottega Veneta’s The Chain Pouch (the chain version of the wildly popular ‘It’ Bag The Pouch) helped popularise fashion’s chain craze. Since the bag’s debut in Bottega Veneta’s spring 2020 collection, many other designers have followed suit and incorporated prominent chains into their handbag designs. It seems Lee’s decision to add a chain to some of his most popular designs for Bottega Veneta has been an immense success.

The Chain Pouch and The Chain Cassette are both intrinsically Bottega Veneta.

They both have very different structures. The Chain Pouch is slouchy, while The Chain Cassette is rigid and boxy in design. This makes them both essential pieces in my growing Bottega Veneta collection. I adore the rectangular shaped chain links in The Chain Pouch but I think that the slightly smaller circular links in The Chain Cassette’s design make it more comfortable to wear crossbody.

The Chain Cassette is £3,035 in lambskin and £2,800 in suede calfskin. This makes it a considerably more expensive choice than the leather strap option which is £2,370 in lambskin, and almost double the price of the original Cassette Bag which is £1,565, also in lambskin. Despite the big difference in price, I still believe The Chain Cassette is worth the investment.

What are your thoughts on this covetable Bottega Veneta design?

Are you team chain strap or team leather strap?

xoxo, Tamara

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