24 Mar, 2021

Hermès SS21 Colours

Ahhh Hermès. The pinnacle of luxury fashion and the creator of so many bag lovers’ dream pieces. I remember getting my first Hermès bag. The feel of the leather, the impeccable stitching, the glistening hardware. It’s unlike anything else. And my obsession is continuing as the seasons change this year. Hermès colours for spring/summer 2021 are available in stores! It’s time to get excited about the house’s insanely beautiful (and expensive) colour offerings for the impending days of sizzling summer style. 

Unless I happen to chance upon a winning lottery ticket, I think it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t expect a huge collective haul of these new Hermès colours anytime soon. But there’s no harm in gawking at these new exquisite hues. And who knows which shades could earn a spot on my wish list? 

I say new but in fact there are only a few brand new, never before seen colours is this latest round of Hermès colour offerings. But lots of beloved classics are making a grand return (in true Hermès fashion). From neutrals, vivid pinks, and even some of my favourites. 

In this post, I’m going to take you through everything there is to know about the Hermès colours for spring/summer 2021. Which ones I love, which may make it onto my wish list and what I’m hoping for from the house’s next colour drop.

The brand new colours for the upcoming season are, of course, gorgeous. Jaune Bourgeon is a soft, light lime hue. As a brand, Hermès is known for its muted and refined elegance and I think the shade really plays into this aesthetic. Far from the lucid neon greens some brands are offering, the Jaune Bourgeon has a sort of understated grandeur and vintage look to it. Cardi B is also a fan of lime-coloured Hermès treasures. She has a Kelly in a similar light lime shade which I am admittedly envious of! Jaune Bourgeon is available in Ostrich, Chèvre and matte crocodile leather. Due to the fact that I’m currently missing a light, fruity shade in my collection and that it’s brand new, I’m going to pencil this colour onto my wish list. 

Rouge Sellier

The new colour is a rich chocolatey brown with an almost plum tinge. It looks simultaneously stylish and delicious! This shade is sure to be a new favourite on the beloved Birkin. I think a larger size of the iconic ‘It’ bag would suit the shade perfectly and is sure to make many Hermès lovers swoon. While I’ve typically stayed away from dark colours in my Hermès collection, I have a soft spot for this intense hue.  


Hermes green

This Hermes colour and I make a dangerous combination. My Kelly Sellier 28 in cactus green has proved to be one of my most used (and loved) bags. For spring/summer 2021 Hermès are bringing back Vert Menthe, a past favourite amongst the Hermès crowd. The hue is akin to a parakeet green colour, which was also spotted in the form of bags on Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2021 ready-to-wear runway. Vert Menthe will be available in Togo, Chèvre and lizard leather, amongst others. My beloved Vert Cactus will also return however unfortunately in suede only. 

Hermes three pink shades

My Hermès collection has always swayed more towards purple shades rather than pink hues when it comes to bright, ultra-feminine colours. But taking a look at the house’s spring/summer 2021 colour offerings, I think that this could change. Three pink shades are returning to the Hermès stage and one is making its debut! The new Framboise is a rich magenta-like hue but softer. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the shade will be offered in bags, only small leather goods. The returning Rose Shocking, Rose Sakura and Bubblegum Pink will be available in a whole host of leathers. Hermès really do believe in the power of pink, and with shades as pretty as these, I’m starting to.  

Rose Shocking


Bubblegum pink

Rose Sakura

Bleu Brume

It looks like my beloved Bleu Brume will carry on being offered. A recent release, this muted pastel blue shade has proved a favourite amongst many Hermès aficionados so it’s understandable why the house will be continuing to offer the hue. As much as I love my Kelly Sellier 25 in the colour, you could say that my thirst for this gorgeous shade has been quenched. Therefore, it’s unlikely I will be investing in another piece in the colour anytime soon. The shade will be offered in Epsom, Chèvre and Swift. 

neutral colour

I have to say that the neutral colour offerings for this season are a tad uninspiring. They just don’t evoke the kind of instant lust like the colourful options do for me. Many of the classics are staying put. The return of Gris Perle sparked my interest however it’s only available in Ostrich. Since starting my Hermès collection my style has evolved and I’ve been trying to branch out into more neutral tones for my Hermès beauties. However, it looks like I may have to wait for the autumn/winter colour offerings.  

Gris Perle

Which Hermès spring/summer 2021 colours do you have your eye on?

xoxo, Tamara

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