18 Jan, 2021

Favourite Nude Lipsticks

Everybody has their clear preference when it comes to lip products some like to go for the gloss, some the balm, but even the lipsticks come in different formulas, finishes and undertones. Remember the times when a nude lipstick means just one? Or when red was red? Well forget about those times, because in todays blog post I want to tell you all about my preferences when it comes to nudity, I mean the nude lips, what else would I be talking about!?

Now internet is a place where you have to be very precise as people think sometimes we are not allowed to change our mind. These are my current favourites, and they can and will change if I happen to find something else in the future, but bare in mind that nothing here is sponsored and I am writing my unbiased story of absolute favourite nude lipsticks.

1. Hermes - Rose Ombré

I bought this very same lipstick in June this year,  I got both nude and the balm version of it, and immediately fell in love with it. Yes it comes with an Hermès price but with the nice creamy (but not too creamy) finish, and beautiful subtle pink undertone this is a perfect every day lipstick.

After buying it I was gifted the same product by the brand and can not be happier about it because I think this is a product I will love for many years to come. Its perfect for both myself and my mother, its classic, eternal and ageless. Quality over anything else – as always with Hermès.

Yes, this lipstick comes with a heavier price tag too, but you will notice its an absolute luxury and every time you repurchase it, you can buy just the refill, not the whole packaging.

2. Chanel - Rouge Allure

Now this lipstick always stirs a bit of drama. The number is on the cap, but I have mixed the caps, so the number on it now corresponds to a red lipstick, and I have no idea how all of sudden all the caps are corresponding to the red lippies. This one is a satin finish, beautiful lipstick with a soft feel on your lips and a pearly vibe. This one always gets me many compliments when I’m tanned and when I’m out at night, it makes your lips look luscious and the pearly finish makes them look full.

Either way I guarantee you won’t make a mistake with a Chanel lipstick. I have a few and they all are absolutely amazing. Don’t forget my Ink Fusion which is also a nude, but its a liquid so I do not want to get you all confused here.

3. Louboutin Just Nothing

This isn’t just a lipstick but also a piece of art. Louboutin Just Nothing (Yes, like the shoes). My favourite from the brand is Ballerina tutu, creamy nude, but this one has become a new favourite, it’s a little bit darker then the rest, matte and makes me look a little bit more put together, its not the lipstick I just whip out of the bag and apply, but the one I think easily becomes a centrepiece of the make up. Love the smell and the packaging is 10/10

4. Lancome Beige Mirage

Probably the creamiest of all, love love love the smell and the feel on my lips. I have been using this lipstick for years (well not this exact one but the shade), and really love how easy it is to use it with pretty much any makeup look. Smells so vintage and looks beautiful with a click clack opening of the case. Sometimes I feel that this lipstick is so creamy it could even be a balm.

The scent of it is a classic lipstick smell, and it always brings me back to the childhood when I dream and remember of the days I used to watch my mother do her makeup. Big points also added for that.

5. Nars - Blonde Venus

One of the NARS classic nudes, this one has a little bit of an orangy undertone, and I love that when combined with an eyeliner or something shiny on the lids. This lipstick is satin/matte and lasts very long time. I love that it never leaves that annoying line between my lips, no matter how long I wear it.

6. Mac Honeylove

This one doesn’t work without the matching lipliner, just because of my skin tone that looks like it would bleed, but with a touch of Stripdown liner, it’s a dream. I love wearing it specially with a heavy smokey look because it doesn’t take away from the rest of the face. Really a stunning nude for either day or night.

xoxo, Tamara

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