2 Jan, 2021

2021 Resolutions

I don’t even know if the New Year New Me stuff works for this year. I am afraid that the last year still remains a little bit unused, like when you find a pair of shoes on the shelf that you had really high hopes for but then you wore them only once.

As I am writing this post I am staring at the sea thinking how grateful I am that 2020 only took away a lousy ex boyfriend that was constantly on my case, but due to the lockdown finally realised that no I will not crack under pressure and fly back into his arms. I actually had many lessons in 2020 from which I grew, came out stronger  and I am really happy with the person I came out. Somehow I feel that 2020 was a long tube, I came in one person I came out another.

Due to a schedule which wasn’t as busy as usual, and a lot of self reflection time, I realised that my mental health was priority this year, and I have really polished my mind. I walked into 2020 a little bit sad, but came out understanding that I have always been truly happy, just let the little distractions sway me away from important stuff, like myself.

I was thinking if I should even talk about new years resolutions this year,as they only add unnecessary pressure, but as someone who loves goals and personal growth this is important for me, so let me share some of my most honest thoughts with you.

From Last years resolutions I managed to only two one (LOL), but funnily enough they were the only two I dealt with straight at the beginning of the year, while I was still so super passionate about pursuing them. They say that if you want the resolution to be good, you need to do something about it in the first few days of January, so join a gym, or start a language, or something of a kind.

Let me tell you what I have planned.

It only seemed reasonable to start with this one.

 You know this is where it all started and I still love my blog very very much. Over the years I built a strong platform with several thousands of articles, pages and pictures which have documented my progress. Would I want to stop that now? Of course not. I decided that 2021 will be year of more blog posts. In fact soon I am starting a special newsletter too, which I promise to share with you as a personal letter to some of the most faithful blog followers. How I plan to make this happen? I already made a schedule for this month with every other day a blog post, I made a really good schedule with my team, and all of us are super serious about making this happen. I am planning to share all of my best tips, advices and experiences to make your year as good as possible too.

I already started working on this one in 2020

After 9pm I do not touch my phone. I told myself that this is very important also for my creativity as screen time can supress the brain juices, I stopped watching too closely other people’s work and that is what gave me such brilliant results in 2020, I created some signature reels, managed to come up with amazing ideas, and I want to do even better in 2021. Now less screen time will also mean that I will be able to focus better on things I am doing without the necessary use of phone. I am so excited about it.

This one is very important to me

Since I moved to Paris I expanded my wardrobe and my home so much, but the truth is, less makes me a little happier. I want to still invest in amazing bags, shoes, jewellery and watches. Wonderful suits and dresses, but if I am not wearing something it has to go, since I want my wardrobe to be tidy and have a more minimal vibe – I mean its too late for minimal, but at least lets call it essential for someone who is a fashion

This is the one I haven’t been successful at for years and years

Not matter what I do I just cant seem to keep my back straight. In January I am starting to go to Chiropractor who will hopefully be able to help me with me posture. Its something I really don’t like and will make it so much better in 2021.

Personal Development Is The Key

Never stop investing in yourself, is an advice that I think applies to both you and me. I need to keep growing, learning, moving. I am someone who loves reading and practicing my reading focus too. Sometimes when Im distracted it takes me long to read a book, just because my thoughts keep drifting. The thing is that books are such an important part of my life, they make my anxiety levels less and they fill me up with knowledge Im craving. In 2021 I would like to read at least 3 books per month, that my resolution.

What are your resolutions for 2021? I know that 2020 was a tough year, but lets not stop working on ourselves, for the better future.

xoxo, Tamara

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